Stephen Woodfin: One of the Top 50 Indie Writers You Need To Be Reading

Woodfin has the rare talent to explore the depths of an ugly truth and turn it into an intriguing novel that is not soon forgotten.

Stephen Woodfin, a Kindle Book Review Best Indie Book Award FINALIST – THRILLER, is an attorney and the author of ten fast-paced thrillers.

His novel, The Warrior with Alzheimer’s: The Battle for Justice was “Named to Kirkus Reviews’ Best Books of 2013.”

As one reviewer said: Woodfin is one of the most accomplished writers on the market today. His stories are as fresh as the news reports you read or seen on television news.

He doesn’t merely write great legal thrillers.

He lives them.

He has the rare talent to explore the depths of an ugly truth and turn it into an intriguing novel that is not soon forgotten.

Stephen Woodfin

Sufficient Certainty

When the grandmother of a student blamed for a deadly school shooting hires attorney Etch Danielson to clear her deceased grandson’s name, Danielson and legendary Texas lawman Red Roper open an investigation into the killings.

The facts they uncover force them to conclude things are not as they appear and that responsibility for the tragedy lies on the person the community has deemed a hero.

Sufficient Certainty is a cautionary tale about the rush to judgment, an indictment of a system that turns a blind eye to sexual harassment and racism, and a reminder that justice, even if it is delayed, is the lifeblood of democracy.

Stephen Woodfin is an East Texas attorney and author of legal thrillers. Sufficient Certainty is his tenth novel.

The Warrior with Alzheimer’s

“A fine thriller, with a bittersweet love story that lingers long after the last page.” — Kirkus Reviews

When WWII veteran Woody Wilson realizes that Alzheimer’s is about to ground him forever, he goes on the run. Soon he finds himself in a criminal justice system gone haywire.

Thrown into events he neither controls nor understands, he demonstrates in his last heroic battle the depth of his inner resolve never to fail those he loves.

The Warrior with Alzheimer’s is a fast-paced legal thriller, a poignant story of threadbare yet resilient love, and a soulful tribute to the Greatest Generation many of whom now make their last stand against Alzheimer’s disease.

Last One Chosen

A legal thriller written by an attorney who knows the law.

Homeland Security agents raid a small East Texas town and arrest a humble blue-collar worker for domestic terrorism and espionage. When two country lawyers take on his defense and fight to prevent their client’s execution, they learn that he holds the secret of a doomsday device, a secret he will not divulge, even under torture.

At the trial’s astonishing conclusion, they realize for the first time that their struggle was not only about justice but also redemption.

LAST ONE CHOSEN chronicles what can happen when one person motivated purely by the desire to do good for his fellow human beings is willing to give his life to oppose the forces of evil.

“A brilliantly written thriller about one man’s call to do what is right.” ~ The Kindle Book Review

The Compost Pile

In this multi-layered legal/psychological thriller, the discovery of the body of a fifteen-year-old girl in a compost pile in a posh coastal neighborhood spurs an investigation that challenges traditional notions of guilt and innocence.

When a politically-motivated district attorney brings capital murder charges against a man-child, an aging uncle of the accused takes up his defense, recruiting a recovering alcoholic detective and another lawyer with his own demons to find out what really happened at the compost pile.

They come to suspect a conspiracy among members of the small community, a conspiracy not to railroad the accused, but to substitute in his place a prominent local personality, one whose past makes him deserving of a finding of guilt.

The Compost Pile is a tale of the blinding power of love, which motivates those in its grip to do whatever is necessary to make things right, even if justice be damned.

The Killer Outside Me

Gil Thompson’s main squeeze turns State’s evidence against him in a double homicide he didn’t commit. From his jail cell, Gil, one of law enforcement’s “usual suspects,” must convince his court-appointed lawyers of his innocence.

With each new revelation about the killings of two men Gil knew well, Gil knows he must provide his attorneys another small dose of the truth about the bizarre events that led to their deaths.

Will the jury believe him or the woman he loves?


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