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A spy in the oval office?

How is it possible that a foreign (enemy) agent could become a high ranking member of the White House staff?

Remember Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzeziński?  He was President Carter’s National Security Advisor.  Just suppose that he had been a Russian spy. We might not have signed the SALT treaty. We might not have supported the Afghans against Russia. Had it not been for Brzeziński, Ronald Reagan may have never had his signature line, “Trust but verify,” when dealing with the Russians. Back to our fictitious scenario. How could such a thing have happened? Suppose that Mr. B. had come from the U.S. Senate and the FBI had done a half-ass job of completing his background check (“He was in the Senate for Chrissakes!”). And, we wind up with a Soviet spy in the Oval Office.

Andre Le Gallo
Andre Le Gallo

In The Red Cell, former CIA agent, Andre Le Gallo, completes his trilogy of stories ripped from today’s headlines. Stories that are indeed so true-to-life, civilian readers are happy to know they are indeed fictitious — but simultaneously disturbed that they are too close to the truth.

Flash forward to the Twenty-first Century. Just suppose that a high ranking member of the President’s inner-most circle of advisors was closely connected to Iran’s Quds Force? Not to worry, this is not a plot spoiler. In fact, the author reveals this character’s dual affiliations early on and it becomes an important aspect of the plot. Neither would it be such a shock to realize (too late, of course) that America’s plans to deal with it’s enemy would have fallen short since Iran had an insider advising them every step of the way.

Enter Steve Church and his father, private contractors providing (covert military) services to the United States. [What a coincidence! Ever heard of DynCorp? Their top three key people all share the first name of “Steve” and the company has a Falls Church, VA mailing address.] Now, back to the fiction.

Steve, his father, and his beautiful fiance (also an undercover operative) bring their talents and international connections into play. Will they arrive in time? Can they prevent another 9-11 scale terrorist attack? Who will survive the inevitable encounter with the radical Muslims and live till the last page?

Would I buy this book? Hell yeah! And if you haven’t read the first two (The Caliphate and Satan’s Spy) in this series, get them, too.

The President's Club by FCEtier

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