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Never stop learning

I remember back in the olden days when I thought that people who were chronologically gifted no longer developed new interests or pushed themselves to learn new skills. I believed them to be trapped in the old ways, living a life of nostalgia, yearning for things as they used to be.

That was before I became an Indie writer and one of the proprietors here at Caleb and Linda Pirtle.

Now each day brings a set of new skills to master,  topics that arise from nowhere to become important in the world of publishing, content to produce.

I’m not complaining.  I love challenges.  The great thing about developing a skill is the way it changes a person’s perception of the world.

An author who is in the throes of writing her first book sees the world of writing one way, one who has written many books sees it another.

Each crests a peak only to see another mountain ahead.

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Here are some of my current learning curves:

1.  Learn how to set up a home studio fit for recording audiobooks.

2.  Learn how to narrate a book.

3.  Learn how to edit audio.

4.  Learn how to perform mastering on edited audio files.

5.  Learn the steps in uploading audiobook files into the ACX portal.

6. Learn how to use Mail Chimp most effectively to communicate with subscribers.

7.  Learn how to add Mail Chimp templates into ebooks.

Mail Chimp

8. Learn how to develop a team of book reviewers.

9. Learn how to spread the word about ebooks and audiobooks to every market possible.

10.  Learn how to make effective presentations about digital publishing at writing conferences.

11. Learn how best to structure my day so that book writing doesn’t get squeezed out of it.

12.  Learn how to develop a core group of people who can provide excellent ancillary services to authors, such as editing and producing fine cover art.

Twelve is a good place to stop, just because it keeps me away from thirteen.

This is a snapshot of some of my projects.

What are some of the things in your current learning curve?




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