Solving the Social Media Mystery of StumbleUpon. Following Followers.

Back in Part 3 of this series of using StumbleUpon in your social media strategy, we learned how to post a link on SU and how to find it.

Remember, go to your “HOME” page and click “PROFILE” in the top margin.

Now, we’ll look at how to check and see how many votes we got — and who voted for us.

Scroll down and find one of your “Likes.”

In image SU-9, you’ll see that I’ve selected another link to my serial novel, The Presidents Club.


Inside the red circle, you’ll see the number “142” and a lower case italic “i”.  At the time of this screen print, this link has received 142 hits or views, or votes.

Note also, I’ve underlined “See Activity>” in red.  Just to the left of the red line, notice several avatars of people who voted, and a notification that thirteen more did also.

Click there and another window opens (Image SU-10) to reveal the identity of those thirteen members and when they voted. You have to scroll up and down to see them all. Now you can see the durability of Stumbling as opposed to a momentarily effective Tweet.


Who loves ya baby?

OK, back to that lower case letter “i” in italics.

Click on it. The window shown in image SU-11 opens.


These are the same folks from the other window, but notice, there’s a button below each avatar. If you aren’t already following them, now’s the time to add another member to your list of those you follow.

Got any questions?  Please post them in the comments section below.

Part Six will be the final article in this series, but I’m always available for questions as are both Stephen Woodfin and Caleb Pirtle at

If you are currently spending any money on advertising or if you plan to do so, you won’t want to miss Part Six.

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