SkyFlyer: The Carolina Coast



An artist’s eyes are always open.

An artist never knows what kind of image will suddenly appear, and Cathy Marshall understands she has to be ready to move in an instant.

Seconds are sometimes too long.

As she points out, “My images are all about that “oooh oooh” moment … when you stop in your tracks and see something you just have to share with the person next to you, or capture — as a unique slice of time.”

They are planned.

She waits for the right light, the right moment, that one perfect second that arrives and may never come her way again.

Then again, there are those fleeting, unexpected times when an artist is fortunate. Cathy Marshall knows that this time, she was.

She says, “Sometimes an unintentional shot results in a graphic combination of color and movement that appeal on many levels. I was shooting this sunset on a coastal Carolina waterway, and an accidental click resulted in this exciting fiery light show.”

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