Daily Review: The Sixth Window by Rachel Abbott

Rachel Abbott once again confirms she’s the Queen of twisted suspense with another taut thriller that will keep you up long after lights out.

Every instinct told her to run…

Natalie Grey is living a nightmare. She has discovered a disturbing website link on her new partner’s computer and fears he has a dark side and even darker intentions. When her husband died in a hit and run accident, Ed had seemed like a safe harbour. Now, where can she turn?

Concerned for the safety of her fifteen-year-old daughter Scarlett, she moves them both to a new home beyond his reach, unaware that the apartment holds secrets of its own. Left alone during the long days of the school holiday, Scarlett investigates strange sounds coming from the other side of the wall, never anticipating the danger that awaits her there.

DCI Tom Douglas’s investigation into the apparent suicide of a teenage girl draws him ever closer to Natalie and Scarlett. But will he be too late to protect them from the danger they face, or from the truths that will tear their lives apart?

Will they ever feel safe again? 

Rachel Abbott

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By Michelle Davies

Author of Gone Astray

Rachel Abbott once again confirms she’s the Queen of twisted suspense with another taut thriller that will keep you up long after lights out.

Her characterization is as adept as her plotting and you’ll find yourself mistrusting everyone and questioning everything before the killer twist at the end spectacularly turns everything on its head!

Abbott is at the top of her game with The Sixth Window – it’s cracking five-star read

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By Cleo Loves Books

As with all my favourite crime fiction novels, The Sixth Window has a number of strands which are deftly pulled together to provide a scary picture which sadly isn’t quite as far from the truth as we may like to believe…this one had me literally gasping with disbelief as my jaw dropped.

In conclusion, this book is the best in the series yet, brilliant plot, contemporary storyline, great characterisation which culminates in what on reflection seemed to be the only ending possible.

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By Angela Marsons

Author of Silent Scream

I have spent two days completely immersed in this twisty turny story and recently emerged breathless.  Never in doubt was the skill this author has to captivate me with her complex, dark storylines and masterful character studies but the tension that built throughout this book simply blew me away.

DCI Tom Douglas is a particular favourite of mine as well as his trusty aide Becky.  I love the relationship between these two characters.  I loved the exploration from the different viewpoints and developed a particular soft spot for Scarlett, a fifteen-year-old girl trying to find her way without her deceased father.

At fifty percent, my head was darting in so many different directions due to this author’s skill at consistently blindsiding me and adding yet more psychological twists and thrilling turns that sent me off in a completely different direction.

None of my theories were correct and I was left open-mouthed as the final pieces slotted into place.  Incredibly skilfully woven tale of loss, deceit, jealousy, and love set against the backdrop of a difficult subject with the highest amount of sensitivity. A definite 5-Star read from me.

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