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TO GET TO THE IMPORTANT PART of this message, I need to share some less important examples. If you will stick with me, I think you will like where this is heading.

It started with yet another discussion with a fellow internet marketer. Those of us who share our “stuff” through the medium of emails, podcasts, blogs, or online classes. These discussions have all centered around the question, “Why.”

Because many of us rarely see the people that read or listen to our work, we count on some kind of feedback to know how we are doing. Sometimes we start asking ourselves if what we do matters at all. Because, even though we have all sorts of buttons on our websites to make sharing and commenting easy, people rarely do.

Often it feels as if that feedback is the only way we know that what we do makes a difference. So the question we ask each other, “Why don’t more people let us know, by sharing or commenting or saying something – anything.”

Beca Lewis
Beca Lewis

As I was taking a walk, I was pondering this question.  Then, I realized that I was doing the same thing. I was rarely saying thank you for the many blogs, podcasts, and classes I see and appreciate.

I made a vow to myself to start doing it. I decided to forget about worrying about the “why” for myself. Instead, I would say thank you to everyone else. Not just those on the internet, but in the tangible world too!

And that’s when the bigger, even more important awareness started kicking in.

The walk I take is through a beautiful neighborhood. Well cared for homes, lawns, and gardens. It is quiet and peaceful. Birds sing, clouds slide across the sky, and trees wave in the breeze. Lovely.

Excuse me while I anthropomorphize the Creator, because that is the only way these words make sense. It would be better if I could just beam the feeling to you, but for now, I am stuck with words.

If we sometimes feel forgotten and unappreciated for our part in the workings of the universe, how does the Creator of the universe feel when we, most of the time, ignore, or take for granted, what It has done for us.

The Master Creator, who constantly cares for us, and consistently provides everything for our pleasure, rarely gets thanked.

Instead we think ahead to what we need, or back to what we didn’t have. We wish we had this, or we want that. We wish we were somewhere else. We wish others would behave better.

If we become aware of the infinite blessings that are always flowing for us, we would stop wishing and wanting, and start noticing the gift of Life. And noticing, we could say thank you.

Carl Sagan said, “If you wish to make apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe.”

In other words, we can’t.

But we can participate. We can share, we can be grateful. Not just to the work of the Creator, but to everyone, because everyone and everything is the outward expression and action of the Divine.

We can do this each in our own way, but together think what a difference we would make. No one would feel as if what they do doesn’t matter.

It is our job to remember that everyone, in their own way, is a necessary thread in the tapestry of life.

To me — this is the real tithing that is required of us.

Let’s take ten percent of our time and attention and give back. I am positive that it will return a hundred fold to us in ways we can not request or foresee.

By the way another outcome of doing this will be much less questioning about whether we are important or not. Because it won’t be worrying about how we feel. It will be about how we have helped someone else feel.

That’s gotta work out for the best for all of us don’t you think?

As I walked that day, I began to understand what Jimi Hendrix might have meant when he said, “Excuse me, while I kiss the sky.”

It’s a perfect way to say Thank You.

Shall we kiss the sky together? Meet me at the first cloud on your right.

Beca Lewis is the author of Say Yes to What Moves You.


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