Shaft of Light

Shaft of Light: Image by John English

John English sees a world through eyes different from the rest of us. He has an artist touch to envision, then create those magic moments in an image that can live forever.

He says, “The images I strive to create show the beauty in the natural world surrounding us all. In doing so I look for texture, shadows, contrast and how the light falls on the subject. In most instances I scout an area before actually making the photograph I am striving to create.

“Planning has been the key element in most of my successful images although sometimes I am surprised and rewarded with a change in weather or the appearance of wildlife that completely changes everything. These can be the moments a photographer lives for.”

He was outside of Page, Arizona, walking where the ghosts of the land had walked, when he captured his haunting and powerful Shaft of Light.

He said, “A shaft of light was beaming down from the sun through a crack in the slot canyon ceiling above. Antelope Canyon is located on a Navajo Indian Reservation and only accessible with an Indian guide.

“The Indians think of the light as the Spirit Ghosts of their ancestors. With the light constantly changing the colors and shapes of the red sandstone also change. The shaft of light is only obtainable during mid-day certain times of the year and under dry, dusty conditions.”

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