The Christian Website had too much hate to be very Christian. Divine Fury. Chapter 37

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Chapter 37

IT WAS CLOSE to midnight as Enzo Lee perused the website of the Soldiers of Christ Ministry from his home computer.  The range of books, videos, retreats, guided tours to the Holy Land and training programs for everything from losing weight to starting remote branches of the church was impressive.  The site almost glowed with the energy behind all of the many projects hinted at on its pages.

On a small tab entitled “affiliates” there were several links.  Most were to national church organizations, broadcast stations that carried Burgess’ sermons or sites apparently carrying additional Christian literature.  But one link was to an website entitled “Divine Fury.”

On the surface, Divine Fury seemed almost placid.  There was a stylized logo with a cross in the middle.  But the cross had been morphed in a subtle way so that it also resembled a  broad sword with handle and hilt elongated to form the “t” intersection and the blade dropping straight down to represent the bottom of the cross.

It was nicely done.  But Lee found the symbolism increasingly disturbing the longer he stared at the sword-cross.

As he clicked around on the site, any semblance of civility evaporated.

There was one discussion thread that seemed devoted to railing against blacks, Hispanics and Asians.  Another primarily focused on gays and lesbians.  Jews had their own rant fest with space for the occasional anti-Islamic diatribe.  The anti-abortion thread whipped its way around braless feminists and fornicating teenaged sluts on its way to its true targets – abortionists and their nurse assistants whose home addresses and photos – some with gun sights superimposed –  were sprinkled throughout the postings.

The level of discourse ranged from the erudite to the semi-literate and possibly deranged.  Any attempt at moderation seemed to have been quickly drowned out with the backslider relegated to the status of a lover of niggers, kikes, murderers, rag heads, gooks, queers, dykes or other hated subgroup that Lee couldn’t even identify from the slur.

After 20 minutes of reading, Lee felt physically tired from wading through the vitriol.  It was like stepping into the wrong, crowded elevator specially reserved for bigots and hatemongers.  He reminded himself that a mouse click and a 10-second wait would take him away from it.  Lee wondered idly if the cyber world had progressed to offering a virtual shower where the stink from a foul website could be washed away.

He searched for the name of a person or organization that would admit to some responsibility for the site.  Who could be behind it? Were they still involved?  Had the website perhaps been abandoned like so many others and then become a derelict vessel bobbing along letting anyone jump aboard for a rant or two?  Lee also wondered whether those writing the comments that advocated beatings, bombings, assassination, sexual assaults or genocide were getting any encouragement.  He clicked on a tab that said “contact” and it automatically popped up an email form addressed to the “Deacon.”  He stared at the form for a minute before deciding on the indirect approach:


Dear Deacon,

When I read the comments on the website, I wonder how the sentiments fit into the teachings of God and the Bible.  If I am opposed to abortion, gay rights or discrimination against whites, what is the proper way to show that?  Can I do more than just march with a sign or contribute to the cause?



That night, Lee found the reply waiting for him:

Dear Curious,

 Mankind is an animal that frequently requires more than gentle persuasion to do the right thing.  Indeed, one can argue that only war and loss of life have enabled many ‘good’ things in history such as the founding of the United States, the spread of Christianity and even the end of slavery.  

 The battle today between the Devil and God for the soul of our society is as important as any war in the past.  The Crusaders of today should adopt the same attitude as the Crusaders of ancient times:  Nothing can be allowed to stand in our way.

I look forward to continuing our correspondence.

With His love,


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