She did not stop firing until the assassin was down and on the ground. Divine Fury.

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A VG Serial: Divine Fury

Chapter 73

BOBBIE CONNORS HAD the presence of mind to stand up on the back seat of the Caddy and move in front of Andrew Harper when the bomb went off.  But she quickly realized the blast wasn’t a danger to them.  She kept her attention focused in that direction like everyone else.  The difference was that she scanned the area looking for signs of anything else – another bomb, someone with a gun…anything.

She was still looking that way when she saw something fly by her head off to the left not more than a yard away.  Connors tracked the cell phone’s arc as it hit the street and shattered into pieces on impact.  She turned in time to see Enzo Lee launch himself at Walberg 20 feet away from her.  She saw the gun in Walberg’s hand.  His face was streaked in black with a thick band across his eyes.

Connors had her 9 mm out in an instant. She was vaguely aware of Nestor Cruz pushing Harper down into the car next to her.  She saw an officer in front of her with his weapon drawn, in a crouched, two-hand shooting position.  She worried about the crowd, all the people around them.

“Wait…wait…wait,” she said, half to herself and half to the officer in front of her as Enzo and Walberg struggled.

“C’mon, Enzo,” she thought to herself.  “We got this now, boy.  Just get away.  Get away.”

Then, she saw Lee lose his grip and fall to the ground.

“Stay down. Stay down,” she tried to will him to follow her silent command.  She saw Lee roll away to his left and stay prone. “That’s it!”

The first salvo of shots staggered Walberg but didn’t put him down.  She knew he was taking multiple hits in the torso that should have stopped him cold.  That told her he had protection underneath his coat. Walberg got off a couple rounds in her general direction.

Connors lowered her aim, delayed half a second to steady herself, and tried to put the next rounds into his thighs.  She fired with steady precision, praying she wouldn’t hurt anyone in the crowd behind.  She didn’t stop until Walberg was on the ground.  She saw his weapon skitter away on the blacktop.  Several officers quickly converged on the downed gunman.  She checked to make sure Harper and Sanchez were okay.  Then, she holstered the 9 mm and moved her legs over the side of the car until she could slide to the ground.  She started barking orders to secure the scene as she assessed the damage.  She knew others would be dealing with the bomb site.  She could hear sirens already in the distance getting closer.

Lee sat on the pavement, propped up on one arm with his head hanging down.  Connors got down on one knee next to him and put her hand lightly on his head.

“You okay, Enzo?” she asked.

He lifted his head enough to look at her.

“Head’s still ringing,” he said, wincing.  “But I think I’ll survive.”

Connors nodded and gave his shoulder a squeeze.  She stood up.

“We got him,” she said.  “You done good.”

Lee nodded carefully.  Then, he looked up at Connors.

“You know you owe me a cell phone, right?” he said.

Connors chuckled.

“Uh huh.  When I said, ‘Use your cell,’ that’s not exactly what I had in mind,”  she said.

* * *

“Tina!  Tina!  Tina!”  Johnny Tram yelled as he wandered past the misshapen remains of the newspaper boxes where he had left Tina Valdez in search of two Cokes.  There was glass everywhere and people on the ground and others standing around, trying to help.  He knew he was bleeding.  He could feel it dripping down his face and he could see his shirt covered with it.

He’d felt himself picked up by the blast and thrown down again hard onto the pavement.  Then, there was stuff falling on him. He didn’t know what it was.  Glass, dirt, metal?  It just felt like a hot heavy rain.  He still didn’t really know what had happened.  Was there an auto accident?  A plane crash?  What?

Where was Tina?  Where was Tina?  He sank to his knees as the blood got into his eyes and he couldn’t see anymore.  He put his palms to his eyes and cried.

“She’s gone,” he said to himself.  “She’s gone.”

* * *

It was the dream again.  There was blood everywhere.  Someone was between his legs, trying frantically to stop the bleeding.  Must be Ron.

His prayer was different this time.  He didn’t ask either God or the U.S. Army to save him.

“God…let me go,” thought Walberg.  He could feel himself drifting and he just wanted to sleep.  Go to sleep for a long time.  “Let me go this time.  Just let me go.”

Chapters of the serial are published Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

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