It had been so easy. His face turned blue, and he was gone.

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It wasn’t supposed to be this easy, watching life seep out of a body. Knowing you were the cause of it. Standing in the motel room, fingers against the carotid, feeling the pulse dwindle to a weak, irregular tremor. Smiling, as his skin became translucent, a bluish tinge to his lips. Not so hard, now, to understand that doctor who helped people die. And sometimes stuck around to watch. Hadn’t someone said at the moment of death, he’d shout at his patients, imploring them to tell him what it was like?

The man on the bed wheezed softly. Not long ago, he’d been writhing, clutching his middle.

“Call an ambulance,” he’d gasped, the words barely audible. When there was no response, he struggled feebly for the phone.

Tying him down to the bed. Seeing comprehension dawn in his face. Telling him everything. Who knew how much he understood through his agony? But he did shudder, and he pursed his lips trying to spit. A final, futile attempt at resistance. Understandable. Who could blame him?

Waiting, light splashing across his face, as the convulsions wracked his body and his eyes bugged out until he stopped thrashing.

Easy. It had all been so easy. His face turned blue, and, like a gentle breeze that barely ripples the air, he was gone.

A quick shower, cleaning up with towels brought from home, wiping down surfaces. It didn’t take long.

A light tap on the door. The door swung open.

“You’re right on time.”

“Is it over?”

“Just like we planned.”

He hesitated, hanging back.

“Come on. He’s not going to bite.”

He stepped across the threshold, into the room, and together they dragged the body out. Following the dead man’s car, circling back. Dumping the car and the body and then heading back north.



Episodes in the novel will be published on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

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