He had a story to cover, but it meant leaving the woman in his bed. Divine Fury. Chapter 54

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A VG Serial: Divine Fury

Chapter 54

ENZO LEE SET the glass of orange juice carefully on the nightstand and slid into the bed as carefully as he could so he wouldn’t wake Carr.  From the look of her, it didn’t really matter.  She was sprawled face down on the other side of the bed, arms flung out with the bottom of one leg sticking out from the sheet.

The previous night had been their third together since they’d had dinner at Caffe Ravioli the previous weekend.  It had been as incredible as the first two.  Frantic sex followed by trips to the refrigerator where he’d had the foresight to stock a picnic dinner, followed by joking and teasing, leading eventually to less frantic but equally intense lovemaking.  Repeat all of the above with some tiramisu from the café down the street and an eight-year-old bottle of Caymus cabernet he’d been saving for a special occasion.

He should have slept for another two hours.  How long had it been since he had slept the way Carr was – dead to the world until the sun was up in the sky?  He’d felt the lousy sleep patterns of middle age creeping up on him for some time now.  Added to that were these damn stories.  It felt like all hell was breaking loose.  He was up to his neck in it now and he was trying to anticipate where it was going, what the other players would be doing, and what he should do next.

“A dollar for your thoughts,” said Carr.  Her head was still on the pillow but her left eye was open, looking at him.  “Come back to me.”

“Sorry,” he grabbed her hand.  “I was thinking about these stories.”

She rolled on her side, rubbed her face and yawned.

“The city editor is happy about that,” she said.  “The woman in your bed is a little offended.  It is Sunday morning, you know.  Is that juice for me?”

Lee nodded and Carr reached across him, bringing their unclothed bodies in full contact as she slid over and then back.  She grinned at him as she propped herself up on an elbow, glass in hand, breasts exposed.  Lee rolled his eyes to the ceiling and took a deep controlling breath. She drank half the glass.

“I should take you for a bike ride,” she said.  “I know this route over near Berkeley.  It’s just beautiful.  It will be sunny but not too hot this afternoon.  Maybe a two-hour ride.  It’s a bit of a climb but not too bad.  It will take your mind off the stories, at least for the day.”

She drained the glass and stretched back over him to put it back on the night stand.  This time, she continued rolling across him until she was straddling Lee.  She gave him a little pout and then smiled slyly as she slowly rubbed herself against him.  He could feel her excitement and his own reaction to it was immediate.

“But first, I’ve got…umm…another activity in mind,” she said.  She gyrated against him a little harder.

Lee threw the sheet out of the way and put his hands on Carr’s waist.  He held her and helped with the slow, sensual movements.  Then he slowly slid his hands up until he was rubbing her breasts as she continued to move.

“I’m all in with that plan,” he said softly.

Carr bit her lower lip and glanced down as her hand slid past his stomach.

“Well…almost,” she said.

* * *

By the time he made the turn up Tunnel Road, Enzo Lee knew he was in trouble.  The run up Broadway hadn’t been too bad, a good warm-up that left him feeling pretty comfortable about his general state of fitness.  His running regimen was paying off.

But when the grade increased going past Temescal Park up to the bridge across Highway 13, it was clear this was going to be a long, difficult slog.

Lorraine had started behind him at first until he waved her up.  She zoomed past and pulled ahead 60 yards before she realized he was lagging far behind and dropped back to him.  It was lovely to watch her from behind.  He realized now why her wonderful ass felt so firm in his hands.  It seemed so effortless for her, dancing lightly on her pedals, then sitting back, then dancing again.  Meanwhile, he was holding tightly onto his handlebars while his legs churned steadily and his breathing became more and more ragged.

The grade at the beginning of Tunnel was steeper yet.  Lee shifted down two more gears and stood up on his pedals just to give his groin muscles a quick stretch before settling down once again for the inexorable climb.  As he watched her climb – easily moving ahead, dropping back, moving ahead, dropping back – he thought about how her bike probably cost ten times more than his and weighed 20 pounds less.  He was probably carrying 80 pounds more than she was.  And, how much did it help to have those clip-on shoes compared to the running shoes he wore?  Jeez, this was a long…steep…never…ending…climb.


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