Saturday Sampler: Beckon Me by Cindy Thomas


In our mission to connect readers, writers, and books, Caleb and Linda Pirtle is showcasing some of the best authors in the marketplace today. Saturday’s Sampler features an excerpt from  Beckon Me, a New Adult paranormal romance by Cindy Thomas.

As one reviewer said: This fantastic New Adult book has just the right mix of college life, friendship, romance, and ghosts!

The Story

Everything nineteen-year-old Karina Mitchell knows about death changes the instant that she and her best friend, Rainey, are shot. For one, souls don’t die. They cross over. Only, Rainey’s soul hasn’t, and her ghost is hell bent on haunting Karina.

When Karina begins her sophomore year of college and moves into the apartment that she was supposed to share with Rainey, she learns a few shocking truths from her mysterious and gorgeous blue-eyed neighbor, Eli. One: Karina has been chosen to become a Beckoner—an immortal conduit of the dead who helps safely guide souls to the other side.

Two: She’s the reason that Rainey’s soul can’t cross over—Rainey followed her back from death and missed her window to be at peace. Three: Eli is hot. As in swoon-worthy, to-die-for, will-make-you-forget-yourself hot.

And it turns out Eli is a Beckoner, too. Despite her attraction to Eli, the decision to become a Beckoner isn’t an easy one—it would mean giving up her own mortality … her own soul. But if she doesn’t, her best friend will be left to suffer an eternity at the hands of the evil Ceptors, dark creatures that feed on the souls left behind.

After all, it’s her fault Rainey is haunting her. Time is running out, and Karina needs to decide: Are love and loyalty worth sacrificing her soul?

Beckon Me is one of twenty New Adult and Young Adult novels featured in the boxed set: Edge, available on Amazon.

The Sampler: Teasers from Beckon Me

Cindy Thomas
Cindy Thomas

I was surprised to find Eli sitting at my kitchen table. His dark hair was mussed and judging by the heaviness of his eyelids, he looked as sapped as I was. I guess I should have known that Gabby would tell him about Rainey’s visit, but I hadn’t expected to see him that quickly. My pulse soared at the sight of him. Ugh.

“Well, this is a surprise. Do you always sneak into girls’ houses first thing in the morning?”

He smiled. “Nah. I’m usually sneaking out.”


Eli felt different.

He was dangerous.

I wasn’t sure I could just casually date a guy like him. No, guys like Eli broke hearts if you let them. And I wasn’t sure I had enough heart left to break and still continue to live.


He motioned toward the backseat with his head.

“Your friend. The dead girl. How long has that been going on?”

“I…” There were no words. I couldn’t put a single thought into words. All I could think about was the way his body was pressed up against mine and how amazing it felt to have his fingers caressing me this way. I never wanted it to end.

“Don’t leave.” His lips were against my ear. I felt myself sway in his embrace, sinking further into him.

“What?” I asked, confused. I wasn’t going anywhere. My entire body flushed with heat when his lips made contact with my neck. The door swung open behind us and Eli pushed us into his living room once more. There was a soft click when the door shut.

“Stay with me. Stay tonight. Stay forever. You want this. You want me. I feel it in every inch of your body.” His lips scorched a trail along my collarbone and up my neck to my chin. He was right—I did want this—him, more than anything. Even if I was strong enough to push him away from me right now, I knew I didn’t want to. He pulled away then, leaving my skin burning everywhere his lips had been. “Say it.”

I opened to my eyes to find his burning twice as bright as the flames he just ignited in my body. There was so much in his eyes at that moment: pain, anger, passion and something deeper I couldn’t quite place.

Instead of fighting, I gave him what he wanted. I gave myself what I wanted. “I want you. I want this.” I placed my hand on his impossibly handsome face, enjoying the feel of his skin. He closed his eyes. And then his lips were on mine and my entire body burst into flames so intense I thought I might explode.

Eli’s fingers pressed into my sides, then swiftly unbuttoned my overcoat. When his palms touched the thin silk dress beneath it, he stepped back, sliding my overcoat to the floor. He groaned as his eyes roamed from the bottom to the top of my tiny dress. “Oh, sweet mother of God.”

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