Sampler: When The Sun Was Mine by Darlene Jones

A suspenseful mystery with complex and strong characters. Experience a unique friendship steeped in intrigue and surprising twists.

Her dream was to go to university.

Instead, she’s in a nursing home hunting a killer.

When high school graduate, Brittany Wright, gets a job cleaning at Happy Hearts nursing home, she is terrified of old lady Flo and desperately wishes she could be in college instead.

An unlikely friendship develops between the two. Brittany discovers that Flo, who may or may not have Alzheimer’s, is in grave danger.

But, from whom and why?

As Flo’s condition worsens, Brittany scrambles to save her.

But, ironically, it may be Flo who saves Brittany.

If you like suspenseful mysteries with complex and strong characters you’ll love this adult read, hopeful and humorous in spite of the ugliness of Alzheimer’s.

Buy When the Sun was Mine to experience a unique friendship steeped in intrigue and surprising twists.

Darlene Jones

Sampler: When The Sun Was Mine

“How much?” I asked. A Wi-Fi connection in my own room would be perfect. I still didn’t quite believe it, but I wanted it done and if the kids could do it I didn’t care how slow it was or how much it cost. I’d get that backlit laptop too. Life would be pretty near perfect. I rubbed my hands in glee.

Merle looked a little nervous and muttered something unintelligible. Brit glared at him. “Just where’s Flo supposed to come up with the money?” She turned to me. “I’d help pay if I could.”

That last bit surprised me. Didn’t think the chit cared that much for me. Lord knows I’d been cranky enough with her, but here she was in the middle of the night, trying to help. Just goes to show you can never tell about people.

“How much?” I asked again.

Merle held up a hand, and then pulled out a cell phone and did some of that texting stuff. A couple of seconds later his phone beeped. He studied the screen. “Neil says maybe a couple hundred.”

The apologetic look on his face made me want to laugh. I managed to restrain myself. “Just who is Neil?”

“A buddy.”

I frowned. Lord, another kid messing about in my life. Did I want that? Could this Neil character be trusted? Could Merle? Brit? I closed my eyes and lay back. I could hear Brit and Merle shifting and whispering, but I ignored them. The bottom line was that I needed help. I should just say yes. No, I shouldn’t. I had to consider the danger factor. After all, I was the adult here. I opened my eyes.

“We can do it, Flo,” Brit said. “Merle says that with Neil’s help, it’ll be a piece of cake.”

Merle nodded, all bright-eyed and eager.

I pointed to my dresser. “Pull out the top left-hand drawer and bring it here.”

Merle handed me the drawer. His face was red again. He kept his head averted. Must have seen the vibrator in there with my panties and bras. I turned the drawer over and let the contents spill on the bed. Now Brit’s face was red too and I noticed the two avoided looking at each other again. “Oh Lord, it’s just a vibrator. What blanket did you two crawl out from under anyway? I thought your generation was so hip.” There was a whole lot of throat clearing and hemming and hawing; neither one answered, but then I hadn’t expected them to.

I used my nail file to undo the secret clasp at each corner of the drawer and then pried off the false bottom. I pulled out a bill and handed it to Brit.

The girl gasped, her eyes wide. “Flo!”  She waved the money at me. “This is a one thousand dollar bill.”

“I know.”

Merle peered over Brit’s shoulder. “They don’t print bills like this anymore, but it looks real.”

I snorted. “Of course it’s real. I’ve had it for years.” I patted the dresser drawer. “My emergency fund. I have plenty more.”

I did too. Have plenty of money. A gift from … I couldn’t remember. Oh, what did it matter anyway? Of course it matters, you old boot. The less you remember, the worse you are. The less you remember, the less you’ll be able to do.And my work was far from done. Oh Lord, I’d have to explain the delay to Mitch. I clutched my laptop to my chest and stared at the kids.

“Flo, where did this money come from?” Brit’s words came out in a strangled whisper.

I glared at her. “I didn’t rob a bank if that’s what you’re thinking. I have the money. You need it. That’s all that matters.”

“Flo,” Brit said gently, almost as if she were speaking to a child. “We can’t take this.”

I waved my hand. “Nonsense. Of course, you can. Just bring me the change.”

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