Sampler: Twisted by Martha Perez

I’m a killer, a savage, and a person with a twisted mind.  I do not tolerate much.  You only stay alive if I choose to let you live.

Dark stories that will make you sleep with your lights on.

Nova is dark and as Twisted as they come. She can’t help who she’s become. The wild is what raised her. Her Supernatural capabilities make her someone the forest should fear.

The Dark Goddess of the Forest doesn’t like to be challenged. She is seductive and beautiful. Don’t be in the area. You won’t know what hit you.

Ray Acker is an MMA Fighter. He would do anything to wear the championship belt. It’s his focus off the ring that he needs to worry about. He wants to take the belt from his next opponent. That’s not all he wants to take.

Bella is tired of her husband and his constant mood changes. She found someone, and they are having a Twisted Affair. They plan to kill their significant others. Why is her husband walking next to her lover’s wife? Who is trying to kill who? It’s so hard to tell what will happen—time to find out.

Cell phones give us access to the entire world with the click of a button. Social media and games, likes and comments, follows, and connections flood our brains. After an argument, they used their cell phones to connect with the world for this one couple. They didn’t realize it would disconnect them from each other. Jenny needed to get out of the house. She didn’t realize that taking the wrong exit home can change everything. A cell phone when the signal is lost can have an impact on her survival. Who knows what else might be lost by the end of the night.

Martha Perez

Sampler: From NOVA, a short story in Twisted

I lurk behind the scenes.  I live next to a large and ancient tree.  It’s a small shed hidden with logs on each side.  I call this my hideaway, my refuge.  I was born in the wild.  I live freely as I spread my black wings.  I did not have parental supervision.  I have grown up to be someone twisted.  The Supernatural raised me.  Before that, I’ve been alone for so many years.  I became a beautiful and confused girl.  I survived with the wild animals and creatures of the night.  They would crawl on my feet and nibble to feed.  All I felt was tickling and giggling.  This was freedom to me.

I’m a killer, a savage, and a person with a twisted mind.  I do not tolerate much.  I am the one who says what comes and goes.  You only stay alive if I choose to let you live.  The crows are my only friends.  I feed them every day.  I’m not human.  I trained myself how to survive.  No one taught me or gave me anything.  I’m undomesticated and liberated.  Do not cross me.  My powers have no bounds.  I have laser beams that come out of my green eyes.  It’s so powerful that once it hits your body, you are as good as done.  Fried, electrocuted, whatever you want to call it, you will cease to exist if you are in the way.  My teeth are able to bite like a razor-sharp knife.  If I suck your blood, you will die if I can’t control myself.  When I’m calm, you will return just like me.  I’m a vampire and a dark angel.  I’m a mixture that will blow your mind.

I was walking from one tree to another tree when I heard people laughing and talking.  That’s when I realized we had visitors running toward my shed.  I was as happy as could be.  I got ready for them all.  My shack is a death trap.  There are two pairs of couples coming my way.  I get stronger with every murder.  My dark wavy hair goes down to my waist.  I love wearing black dresses and black flats.  Some people call me gothic.

My name is Nova.  I love running through the woods.  I heard the stubble from the ground and ended up with the visitors.

“Are you lost?”  I said.

At the same time, both women said, “yes!”

“It’s getting late.  You better hurry.”  I warned them.

“The freaks come out at night.”  I continued.  If they only knew, I exist because of them.  One-touch and their soul are as good as mine.

“I’m the Princess of the woods.  You could spend the night in my shed.  It’s a small space, but it’s just one night, so you should all be safe.”

They all agreed with my sweet grin.  They stare at me, unaware of my intentions.  My only thought is that they should be juicy to drink.  They follow me, and we go in.  They get startled by the black crows that flew by right above us.  They saw the blackbirds as dangerous as I was looking at my pets.  I lit a candle.  As they look around, I can see that they noticed there are no windows, just doors.  It looks so much bigger when you walk inside than when you see the shed from the outside.

I walked to the first room with my right hand guiding them inside.  The couple goes in and closes the door.  The other couple followed me to the next room.  They run in like it was a safe place.  What they didn’t know was that whoever comes in never goes out.  When I unleash my powers, I make them my family.  They become my guests for life.  I’m smiling, humming, and singing like a bluebird.

I made them dinner.  It will be their last supper as a human being.  The table looks fantastic.  It’s a Boar, some veggies, four different kinds of rice, and salad.  The candles were lit.  The décor and table that I set look like a Masterpiece.  The couples have a seat.

One of the girls said, “What is that?”

“It’s a Boar.” I answered.

“I am not eating that, Bob!” the girl said, getting up like she was about to leave.

I stood up and there was an unsettling silence.

“You will eat everything at this table.  Be polite and use your manners.  Wild boar meat has a unique taste.  It gives you energy and is nutty in some parts.  It isn’t gamey meat, so you will enjoy eating it.  Now sit back down!”  I demanded.

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