Sampler: Thou Shalt Never Tell by P.J. Mann

A thrilling paranormal suspense novel for those who like unconventional characters, tempting quests, and nail-biting danger.

He’s a scientist looking to make his mark. He never expected to discover spirits and magic…

Shy, awkward Kaine Martin yearns to put a shine on his professional reputation. So when he receives an email from a researcher who disappeared a decade ago searching for a lost African tribe, the young anthropologist jumps at the opportunity of a lifetime.

But as the university agrees to organize an expedition, the introverted scholar is haunted by ghosts warning him not to undertake the treacherous journey.

Ignoring the ominous portents, Martin meets his legendary colleague at the edge of the African rainforest. But deep in the jungle lies a secret – one the ambitious professor can never reveal if he wants those around him to survive.

Will Martin pull off a career-making discovery, or is his campaign mortally cursed?

P.J. Mann

Sampler: Thou Shalt Never Tell:

The morning after, the real work could finally start. The two teams split; one of them was guided by Azizi and the other three guards, armed to the teeth.

“What’s your name again?” Jenna asked as they were driving to the destination they set up on the map.

The young man admired her with a bright smile. “My name is Azizi, and what’s yours?”

“My name is Jenna,” she averted her glance, shyly shaking his hand. “Let me ask you a question: why do we need so many armed guards? Are we going to some sort of dangerous territory?”

Azizi laughed. “Miss Jenna, DRC is dangerous territory; there isn’t a place safer than another. The only thing, though, I can say for sure is that we have never been attacked by any militia in the villages in our area, but this is mostly a coincidence, I guess.”

She felt flattered by being called ‘Miss’ and also a bit awkward. Everybody she had introduced herself to addressed her merely by name.

“You can just call me Jenna. What does your name mean?” she wondered curiously.

“It’s a Swahili name, and it means ‘precious treasure.’ I’m not sure, though, if I have ever been such to anyone. What about your name?”

“I have no idea. I guess my parents just gave me this name because they liked how it sounded.” She felt like blushing in front of his kindness.

“Well, Jenna, I can help you with that. Your name means ‘white shadow;’ it has a British origin.”

She remained frozen and didn’t know what she was supposed to say. “Thank you. Where did you learn the meanings of the names?”

“It’s just curiosity, I suppose. I believe when a person receives his or her name, the whole character will shape to fit it,” he replied, his expression turning grave, as from time to time, he observed outside to keep his eyes on the bushes.

“You will stay long enough to learn a lot about the people of Congo. This is the real heart of Africa, and some say you will fall in love once you visit it.”

He turned his eyes suddenly as the car took a deeper hole on the road. Although he was talking casually with Jenna, his attention was never averted from what was happening around him. He turned himself to check on the map. “We are almost there. Omari, be careful there at that turn,” he urged, navigating the driver.

Omari simply nodded, always keeping his eyes on the road.


After half an hour, they reached a clearance on the top of a hill. From there, they could efficiently operate their drones and scan a considerable area. As soon as the car stopped, the whole team got out, and started to prepare for the scanning, while Jenna took a peek at the valley around. The sun was rising on the emerald green forest, covered by a light veil of mist. From there, everything seemed peaceful, and the beauty of the scenery was simply breathtaking.

It was nothing like what she saw on television about African documentaries. The smell of the iron-rich earth, of the damp wood, the scent of the trees, with their contrasting harmony, brought tears to her eyes, like she witnessed a sunrise after an eternal night.

With the starting of a new day, the jungle came back to a different kind of life. From the chirping of the night creatures that withdrew to its darker heart to sleep, the buzzing sound of insects, the dawn chorus of birds, and the whooping call of the monkeys rose to the sky. It echoed through rocks, trees, and bushes, reaching every little corner, louder and louder in an almost deafening orchestra. The mighty rain forest was awakening.

As the air became brighter, the light spread from the tops of the woods, fighting its battle against the night. The green color of the valley gleamed at the touch with the sun’s rays.

The night dew evaporated as the weather grew warmer, like a ghost gradually fading away in a puff of smoke with a final glow in the air.

Jenna felt overwhelmed by the richness of sounds and scents; she didn’t even acknowledge the presence of Azizi coming closer. “I told you, you would fall in love with this country,” he whispered.

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