Sampler: The Road to the Stars by Adam Gaffen


Review: A definitely interesting read. It reminded me of a funny version of Star Trek. It was a humorous and attention-grabbing book.

Cass and Ken are back!

Five years after the events in Volume One, life is good for the Cassidys.

Aiyana is perfecting her teleporters while running the Heavy Lift Corporation. Kendra is overseeing her ambitious starship project in her own, inimitable way.

They want nothing more than to live their lives and raise their girls.

It seems, though, that the universe has other plans for them.

First, there’s a mysterious request to meet with a pair of leaders from the world government; they have a problem and it seems the Cassidy’s are the only ones who can solve it. But they’ve never met a challenge they could walk away from, and this one’s no different.

Meanwhile, Kendra has to find a captain and a crew to make her starship come to life. Then there’s the little matter of the science officer…

Juggling demands from every direction, will Cass and Ken be able to rise to the occasion again?

Adam Gaffen

Sampler: The Road to the Stars

Before them was the bridge, fitted out in cool shades of grey and blue. Around the perimeter were bank upon bank of monitors and workstations, with rugged-looking chairs firmly attached to the floors. Towards the back, facing forward, was a console with a single seat. The circular center was a half meter lower than the surrounding deck. Backing up to the console above were a pair of seats, with complex controls and screens on both sets of arms. Further forward were a trio of seats arranged behind a banked array of controls.

None of this is what caught Alley’s eye.

Instead, she focused on the broad and clear expanse at the far side of the bridge, allowing them to look out at the dock and space beyond.

“Tell me that’s a screen.”

“Yes, and no.”

“That’s not reassuring.”

“It is a screen. You can have it display virtually anything the computer can generate, whether that’s a view of the surroundings, tactical information, sensor readings, whatever. But the screen is embedded in a slab of optical aluminum, eighteen centimeters thick.”

“It’s a window?”


“On a starship.”


“You put a window. On a starship.”

“Yes. You seem a little stuck on this.”

“You put a goddess-loving window on a starship!”

“We put lots of windows on this starship. You should see the one in the observation lounge on deck eight; it’s bigger than this one.”

“Are you totally out of your mind?”

“This seems to be really bothering you.”

“Why isn’t it bothering you? It’s a window on a starship!”

“Because I know it’s perfectly safe. It’s nearly as hard as sapphire, stable at temperature extremes, and resists shattering. That doesn’t begin to get into the other tricks we’ve tucked into it.”

“Okay, it’s strong. But a window?”

“When better? This is the first starship; what we do here sets a design standard for all future ships, and I wanted a window!”

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