Sampler: The Darkness Rising by Michael Wigington


In this exciting sequel to The Bloodstone Reckoning, Tabitha comes face to face with the harsh reality of life and death decisions.

All Tabitha Millhouse wanted was to lead a normal life.

After defeating Lord Eldwin Drake in his quest for the Bloodstone, Tabitha realizes her life will never be the same.

When she is accused of murdering her best friend her life is once again turned upside down. At the request of the king she travels to the land of her birth, and finds a kingdom in chaos.

Magic-born are persecuted and the city is besieged by creatures from legend.

At the heart of it all is a man possessed by the very demon Tabitha had fought to keep from being loosed upon the land.

The same man she believes murdered her friend.

In this exciting sequel to The Bloodstone Reckoning, Tabitha comes face to face with the harsh reality of life and death decisions.

Can Tabitha keep the land from falling into chaos and bring her friend’s killer to justice?

Michael Wigington

Sampler: The Darkness Rising

Tabitha sat up in bed, sweat soaked and breathing hard. Her heart galloped around in her chest. She sipped cool water from the ladle in the kitchen as she peered out the open window. The muted glow of the midmorning sun burned through the gray clouds that covered the sky. Papa let her sleep longer than usual and he was not inside the house. He must be gathering eggs or on his way to the mill.

“It was a dream,” she whispered. “Just a dream.” A shudder climbed its way from the base of her spine to the top of her shoulders.

She stared out at the forest beyond the window wondering what the dream meant, as a faint noise penetrated her thoughts. Hoofbeats and a cloud of dust.

Riders approached her home.

Tabitha headed for the door.

“Garrick Millhouse,” a voice called.

Boots sounded on the porch, and someone beat on the door and called again.

“Garrick Millhouse.”

Tabitha opened the door and before her stood the local reeve, wearing his black cloak and floppy hat. Tabitha knew him from the village but had never interacted with him other than a passing greeting. Behind him were two of his men. He was a tall man, thin framed with a mustache so big it covered half of his face. His hair was flecked with lots of gray and his dark eyes were friendly enough.

“Fetch your father, lass.”

“What is wrong, sir?”

“Where is your father?”

Papa appeared from behind the house and made his way onto the porch.

“What can I do for you, reeve?” he asked.

“Someone’s been killed, Garrick.” He pulled off his hat, wadded it into one hand, and looked at the ground as he spoke.

Tabitha’s insides churned. The village had always been a safe place. No one had been murdered or killed for as long as she had lived here. There were tales of murder from out of Llanwyg, but her village was small, and everyone knew everyone else. They all got along fairly well, and there was never much trouble. Lord Drake had been a pox on the peacefulness of her village but now that he was gone, she was sure all would be set to right. It was not likely to happen again. Old age and disease were to blame for those that had passed on, or an occasional accident but even those were few.

“Horrible, but what has it got to do with us?” asked Papa.

The reeve motioned with his chin at Tabitha. “The lass has been…accused.”

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