Sampler: Seed on Fire by Michele Sims


Review: “I love the family dynamic in this book from both Cade and Lecia. Strong family bonds always draw me in and this one was everything I love.”

In a world where fantasy and reality collide, Seed on Fire by multi-award-winning author Michele Sims, will take you on an unforgettable journey.

Kaiden and Alicia Moore, originally from North Carolina, were enjoying a life full of love and passion. As a young, beautiful, and upwardly mobile professional couple who had made their home in New York City, they were busy balancing their careers with the demands of a new marriage — which as fate would have it, included an unexpected bundle of joy.

They got pregnant on their honeymoon, and so began the first book of the Moore Family Saga, Seed on Fire — a sexy, romantic suspense novel.

Their relationship will forever be changed by a series of nightmarish events that threaten their love and the life of their unborn child.

Will their commitment to each other be enough to cope with the challenges?

Come and join them as they await the birth of their son, Miles Aridio Moore.

Sampler: Seed on Fire

If anyone had told me it was possible for Alicia Tavares Moore to look more beautiful than the first day I met her, or lovelier than the day I made her my wife, I wouldn’t have believed it. And I would’ve been wrong.

At six months pregnant with our first child and glowing, she told me on more than one occasion that she was the happiest she had ever been in her life. Her physical beauty had increased along with the size of her perfectly round and protruding belly. The touch of her skin, silky smooth and warm, sent small shivers down my spine, and its sun-kissed, café-au-lait color was a delight to my eyes. Running my fingers through her styled chestnut hair, which had gotten thicker and fuller and bounced easily with each step she took, was a privilege I knew not to take for granted. Thinking about her breasts and that behind often caused me to reposition myself in my pants, so I saved those thoughts for private moments. My girl, my wife, my best friend, known as Lecia to most people, was a natural beauty.

I smiled as I thought how grateful I was to live my wildest dreams at the top of my game. I had a swank New York apartment and headlined my own small jazz club with my band, Fortune. I had a beautiful wife, and we were expecting our first child. Life couldn’t have been better for me, Kaiden Moore, or Cade, as my family and friends knew me.

We were both transplants from Charlotte, North Carolina, and I grew up in a family of three kids. Vincent, my older brother, was without question the family hero and a world-class architect. My sister, Doris, the middle kid, was a famous opera star. My father, Charles Aiden Moore, and especially my mother, Lauren Moore, were quick to remind me that all her children were smart and gorgeous. I was the youngest in the family – seven years younger than Vincent –and for most of my life, I held a comfortable place in his shadow. We shared caramel-brown skin, full lips, dark-brown hair, and broad shoulders, and we were both tall, but unlike him, my first preference was playing the saxophone instead of sports – and I was good at it. We were comfortable in our sprawling home, living in the upscale southern section of the city known as South Park.

Lecia had grown up in a devoutly Catholic family in a larger-than-modest home closer to Uptown Charlotte in a diverse, close-knit neighborhood.

Everywhere we went ­– on the streets of Charlotte, and even on the busy streets near Times Square in New York – we heard the same comments. “You’re such a beautiful young lady. When is the baby due?” Lecia was always patient and graced them with a bright smile, but her answers to the usual questions only led to more questions.

“Is this your first child?” and “Do you know the sex of your baby?”

What was there for me to complain about? It wasn’t like I didn’t receive fringe benefits from giving my seed to my wife. She was more than accommodating of my needs for physical contact and was often the one who initiated daily sex during her second trimester. Lecia’s libido went through the roof as her pregnancy progressed, and I considered it my duty to provide her with relief from her sexual tensions.

My desire to have my wife quit her job as a nurse went unheeded until one day a child who didn’t want to get a shot took a swipe at her baby bump. She fell back against the wall to protect our child from receiving a blow and, without my knowledge of the incident or further urgings to quit, she turned in her letter requesting an extended leave of absence the same day. Lecia was committed to the health and safety of our child, and there wouldn’t be a second chance for an incident like that. She sent a message to me that day letting me know she had packed her things and turned in her letter to her supervisor. She and baby bump were waiting for me with a delicious home-cooked meal, sex that satisfied my every desire, and a promise she would not return before the birth of our child. I was in heaven, but I didn’t know I was being selfish because I had no intention of sharing my slice of heaven with others.

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