Sampler: New Blood by S.S. Bazinet

Review: How will Arel face the new crisis in his life. Is there an answer? Can he find it in time? Then again, how much time does he have left?

Arel and William both want normal lives, but their powers can’t be ignored when they begin rapidly aging.

It’s a fresh start for Arel and William. They’re both happily married men with children. They even buy a fixer upper farmhouse in a rural area. They’re both keen to remodel the place as a getaway home for their families to enjoy.

After dealing with angelic blood and fighting a cruel ghost in the astral realms, they’re leading the normal lives they’ve always wanted.

However, their desire to be normal and ignore their powers goes too far. Hidden fears come to the surface, including the fear of aging.

Without meaning it to happen, their powers cause them to age at a rapid rate.

Their only hope is to reverse the process before they end up in the grave.

This book can be read as a stand-alone novel.


The book series, The Vampire Reclamation Project, begins with Arel’s quest to reclaim his true self. As the story continues, it expands into a tapestry of interwoven lives and lifetimes. A group of individuals come together to resolve issues surrounding love, hate, trust and betrayal. With the angelic help of Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, the group is also reunited with a purpose that goes beyond the norm and enters the realm of mystery. Their task isn’t always easy, but all involved learn that they have extraordinary abilities and power. They find ways to reach for the stars while grounding themselves in brotherhood.

S.S. Bazinet

Sampler: New Blood

Chapter 9

WINTER WAS OVER, and spring was quickly greening the trees. Soon the grass would begin growing. Soon Elise’s life would change drastically. She stood in the kitchen, staring out the back door, cradling a cup of peppermint tea, trying to still her busy mind. Time was moving along faster than she could keep up with it.

It had been several months since Annabel, William and Little Will had returned home to London. She missed them, but missing her friends wasn’t a priority. She not only had a baby and husband to think about, but she had to adjust her way of life. Her fantasy had become her reality. A farm had been purchased, and it was waiting to be remodeled.

Even the part about Annabel and William being co-owners of the property had come true. William convinced Annabel that it was a sound investment, and Annabel agreed to go along with his proposal. However, Elise knew the truth about what was really going on with William. Before he left to return home, she saw it in his eyes. It was the same look she saw in Arel’s eyes. They were two grown-up kids who wanted an exciting adventure in farmland. And they couldn’t wait to get started.

At least they’d been forced to relax for a few months. The contract on the property had been accepted, but unexpected difficulties kept cropping up that put off settlement. Elise considered every delay a blessing. She needed time to prepare herself for the day when remodeling would begin. It would mean a major change in her daily life. Arel would probably be away for a week at a time since commuting daily to the farm wasn’t practical.

Arel didn’t seem to share Elise’s worried attitude about being away. He assured her that he’d miss her and the baby terribly, and Elise knew he believed what he said. However, she could tell he was also looking forward to getting on with the remodel. And he wasn’t alone in his enthusiasm. He and William were constantly in touch. Dozens of pictures of all the rooms in the old farmhouse had been taken and discussed. An exacting schedule had been drawn up by William and added-to by Arel. He made numerous trips to the farmhouse, always inspecting the place and sharing with William.

The good news? Arel assured Elise that the project would only take a month, maybe two at the most if there were unexpected hiccups. He was even more confident about their schedule being accurate if their friend, Rolphe, pitched in.

Poor Rolphe! Elise felt a pang of guilt about his involvement too. She’d been going over the amount of work to be done when she mentioned Rolphe’s name to Arel. She’d said something like, “Wouldn’t it be nice if Rolphe came out and wanted to be part of the project? After fighting Col and helping you and William survive during that terrible time, he’d probably like being included in something positive for a change.”

At the time, she wasn’t trying to elicit unpaid labor. She’d been thinking about how neglected Rolphe might feel since Arel often forgot to contact him. A short time later, Arel called their old friend and explained the farm project. He didn’t say anything to Rolphe about helping, but he did invite Rolphe to visit Chicago.

* * *

Rolphe walked through the Chicago airport with a spring in his step. After his flight from Paris, he didn’t feel any sign of jet lag, only anticipation. He hadn’t seen Arel or William for two years, but that didn’t mean he hadn’t thought about them on a daily basis. After all, they were like the sons he’d lost so long ago.

Of course, he reminded himself that he couldn’t expect Arel and William to feel the same deep bonds towards him. In the past, they’d treated him more like the forgotten uncle, the guy they called when they needed help. Rolphe didn’t let their attitude dampen the love he had for each of them. He might reside in a six-foot-five inch, powerfully-built body, but he had a very definite emotional side and a heart that needed to express itself.

When he’d recently talked to Arel, Rolphe felt that things were finally changing. Arel was very pleasant. He took his time chatting about his family life. He also asked Rolphe about how he was doing and what paintings he was working on. It was a different kind of conversation than they’d had in the past. There were no malicious ghosts to discuss or a dire crisis to face. Arel sounded happy.

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