Sampler: Forgotten Blood by S. S. Bazinet

He was determined to remain calm and free himself when a movement caught his eye. He wasn’t alone.

Arel faces a demonic ghost named Col whose only aim is torment and destruction.

When Col invades the mind of a friend and tortures her, Arel is desperate to stop this villain.

But he soon finds out that fighting this master of darkness won’t work.

So what can he do to safeguard himself and those he loves?

His angelic friend, Michael, proposes a solution. It works . . . for a while.

In the end, an even more drastic solution must be found, and Arel is prepared to do anything to stop Col.

S.S. Bazinet

Sampler: Forgotten Blood

WILLIAM FOUND HIMSELF standing in a sort of ghastly prison. A heavy atmosphere of hopelessness saturated the dark quarters. It was the kind of place where the unfortunate were taken to await their merciless captors. He covered his nose. Astral body or no, when he inhaled a bit of the air, he gagged. The heavy, damp stuff was filled with the smell of rot and decay. And if there were such a thing as pure evil, the darkness reeked of that commodity too. As it closed in on him, its touch was so ugly and foul that William felt any hint of smugness slip away.

He was about to rethink his trip to Col’s world when a bitter wind came out of the darkness and swirled around him. It was as frigid as any arctic winter’s gale. In an instant, the iciness took control of his body. He was frozen to the spot where he stood.

As he struggled to free himself, he knew he wasn’t only lacking in ruthlessness, he was lacking in common sense. Instead of carefully weighing out his options, he’d let his anger overrule his better judgment. It wasn’t like him to act so impulsively. Arel pulled those kinds of stunts, but William was usually smarter than that.

He didn’t have time to reprimand himself. A crucial step in astral traveling was maintaining a positive focus. If he let himself be drawn in by external circumstances, his control would be lost.

Taking a breath of the sickening air, he was determined to remain calm and free himself when a movement caught his eye. He wasn’t alone. Col stood in the shadows, an arm’s reach away. The freezing chill that had paralyzed William was coming from Col’s eyes.

William remembered those eyes when they hadn’t yet turned black. No matter the color, the same cruel energy was there, staring at him.

Col grinned. “It’s William now, right? I was betting you’d show up sooner or later.”

William gave himself a stern inner shaking and a sterner order.

Don’t let this monster get the advantage again. You’re powerful too.

Col seemed to read William’s thoughts with ease and howled with laughter. William remembered the laugh just as he’d remembered Col’s eyes. But he knew better than let old memories resurrect themselves. He was in a dangerous position, and he had to remain very vigilant.

Col glared at William, still grinning, still laughing. “Oh, you can’t forget what a wonderful time we had together. It’ll always be a reminder of our relationship.”

“Relationship?” William tried to collect himself, to hold back his feelings, but he couldn’t stop the seething rage that festered inside him. “You had an innocent man brutally tortured and burned! Then you turned your hateful eyes on me. I was only a helpless child, and you threw me into the fire, you fiend!”

Col rubbed his hands together. “Yes, I remember that happy occasion. I also remember what happened before all that. You and your friend traipsed around the village thinking you were better than me. But I showed you how silly you were, didn’t I?”

“I remember who Arel was in that life. He was kind and thoughtful. That’s why I followed him. He shared what little he had with anyone in need.”

“I didn’t need his charity! And I certainly didn’t need him bewitching me with his looks!”

“The only thing Arel did in that life was treat others like his brothers!”

“I didn’t need a brother! I’ve always been my own man!” Col began to dance around William, poking at him with a cold, hard finger. “Now, I’m going to help you remember what happens when someone forgets who I am.”

“The only power you have is fear, Col, but I’m not that helpless child anymore.”

“No, but you’re still gullible, aren’t you? It took so little to get you here,” Col said as he moved very close to William. “Now you can’t get away. You’re no better than a fly caught in a spider’s web. And I’m the spider who’s going to have my fun just like I did with that child you once were.”

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