Sampler: Flawed Gods by Angela Mortimer

A science fiction space opera present different levels of deities with superhuman powers, each looking for answers to why they exist.

In a future, planetary world, a former Varan lover who was misjudged and sent away as a criminal abducts the beautiful Doella from the man she agreed to marry.

Thus begins the odyssey of two fleeing, passionate lovers who are pursued by her jilted bond-mate and eventually by Varan authorities.

No Varan ever changed his or her bond mate. Marriage was for life. Doella’s hair was like a pale gold waterfall, and her eyes were the color of deep green emeralds.

She was powerful, intuitive, and her golden body easily surrendered to her recurring need for passion.

The odyssey to flee Varan pursuit leads to encounters with menacing societies, dangerous dragons, lecherous kings, and cunning wizards… until the Varan authorities and the jilted bond-mate capture Doella and her troupe.

However, Doella’s infidelity and lack of honor are now insignificant with the discovery of a threat to annihilate the Varan civilization.

The last best Varan hope is to send Doella back into her most horrifying encounter.

The clock is ticking … in a fascinating, suspenseful, and sexy read.

Angela Mortimer

Sampler: Flawed Gods

She could not sleep. She was lonely without Paul. She had come into work early. What for? She hadn’t even turned on her computer. She had made two cups of coffee, both left untouched and cold, and stared out of the window for two hours. It was nearly nine and the office was coming alive. She saw her workmates staring at her as they passed. It hadn’t been long since Paul’s death, only a couple of weeks. That was why they left her alone, frightened of any real intimacy with her and unsure of what to say after their initial expressions of sympathy.

In an uncharacteristic Louise Baker way, Doella stretched her long legs and ruffled her hair. Louise was never that casual; Doella pulled herself together. She was convinced that a change was coming, and that it was not of her own making. Doella tried to ignore it, but the feeling was becoming overpowering. Today would be like yesterday, but tomorrow would never be the same again. Waiting, waiting … when would they get here? Work seemed unimportant now. She had immersed herself in it for five years, or had at least pretended to; five long years pretending to be the same as everyone else. Now with Paul dead there was no reason to stay. Time to move on again. The feeling of depression was getting stronger, almost coming from without rather than from within. Something had happened; something had shifted, and worse still, something or someone was stopping her from finding out more; someone powerful and used to her mental signature. I should push against it, make it show itself, but I’ll wait until the others come. Her thoughts were jumbled, confused. It was so unlike the usually self-controlled Doella to find her thoughts out of control like this. She admitted to herself that she felt more than confused; she was frightened too. Hurry up and get here, she thought. It’ll be easier to be prepared for what might happen if we’re together. We are stronger then.

The intercom buzzed and she forced herself back to this reality.

‘Two gentlemen in reception to see you, Louise; they said you were expecting them.’ This was almost an accusation from the receptionist.

‘I’m sorry Mary; I did forget to tell you. Show them up. No, on second thoughts, I’ll come down.’

She stood up, buttoning the black jacket of her business suit; then, feeling too restricted, she unbuttoned it again. As she walked to the lift, she felt the sympathetic eyes of everyone following her.

‘Poor Louise,’ they whispered when they thought she couldn’t hear, ‘just fancy losing him like that, such a shame.’

Two men stood at the window watching the rain fall. Like Louise, they too were tall and blonde. Word had got round, and some of the girls had come to see Mary on the slenderest of excuses. Doella could hear them whispering. It was assumed they must be her brothers, because they looked so alike. Both turned at her approach. A smile was all that was necessary. A slight touch of hands and they followed her outside.

‘I’ll be back in an hour, Mary,’ she told the receptionist. And she said to herself, or perhaps never. That would give them something to talk about for months – possibly years.

The rain had stopped, and a sticky humid atmosphere greeted them. London seemed louder and dirtier than ever. Her senses heightened.

I don’t want to go back to Varos right away, and you’ve been off this world so long, it might be interesting to stay awhile. I know somewhere we can go. She then spoke verbally, sensing they looked odd standing there and saying little. ‘We can discuss matters there. It’s so noisy no one will overhear us; and since it’s before lunchtime we should find somewhere to sit.’

‘Fine, Doella.’ Simune spoke for the first time too, an odd inflection to his speech.

They followed Doella without further remark, each one nursing his own thoughts about what might happen next, but glad to be together again after so long apart. With the triangle complete, the sense of power and energy was invigorating. They felt stronger together.

She led them to a pub in a smart back street. It was dark; the walls had the original dark wood panelling. Doella ordered what she thought they might enjoy. Takos helped her bring the drinks to a well-concealed table in a small booth.

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