Sampler: Enough Is Enough by Martha Perez


When you finally decide enough is enough, you put a stop to the cruelty and abuse, and you no longer feel worthless.

What happens when you put a group of people together who have had Dysfunctional Relationships?

Well, Alita Silverstone tells the story of two men, one good, the other abusive. All are wanting to live a normal life. Some will get help, while others will get lost in the twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Enough Is Enough is an extraordinary book of courage and strength and the battle it takes to endure the pain and overcome the love lost and maltreatment that has taken control of your life,

An unfortunate lesson that we can only learn by the bravery and experiences of others’

There is no such thing as a perfect couple; Love is an emotional roller coaster.

A stressful predisposition that grows more and more difficult to escape.

And when you finally decide enough is enough, you put a stop to the cruelty and abuse, and you no longer feel worthless or in solitude from both family and friends.

This book is a reality of life.

Broken Relationships are very common, yet we don’t like to talk about Dysfunctional Relationships and how to overcome the aftermath of the abuse?

We prefer to go through it instead.

But Enough is enough, and too much is Nasty, and Alita Silverstone has had enough, have you?

Martha Perez

Sampler: Enough Is Enough

Alita Silverstone’s Story

I asked myself so many times, was I enervated or a victim? Was I a target because I’d given my heart and soul? I hated admitting the last year hadn’t been my own; I didn’t recognize myself. When you open your heart, you take your chances and the choices you make might not be the right ones. You can never take back what he took from you. Trusting someone, you take a gamble, you fumble and may crumble. When you need to escape it will be too late.

I was struggling to breathe, no fresh air here in this diminutive empty room. I was hyperventilating. No one knew I was here, alone in the darkness. The basement had no light—the windows were covered with wooden panels—and no bed, just a cold concrete floor. There was only one door. I was nude. A cockroach was crawling around in circles. I would die if someone didn’t save me soon. I hadn’t had food for many days. What could I do? No use screaming; everything I did was unsuccessful. I had abdominal pain. Touching my hair, I discovered a bald spot. Tears gushed down my cheeks. That insane feeling was making me crazy.

The cockroach crawled onto my leg. I yelled, “GET OUT OF HERE!” I smashed it with my hand. “You motherfucker, leave me alone.” I hoped that others wouldn’t follow. Please, God, help take care of me, send an angel to keep me company.

I felt the solitude, the cold walls were closing in, I was trapped like an animal. I fell into a deep sleep. I dreamt of dancing, breathing fresh air; the sun warms my face. It’s incredible FREEDOM.

I awoke on the basement floor, shivering, wishing to be dead. Whatever came first or next would be a nightmare.

The door upstairs opened. Evil and hell presented itself. I knew my life was in his hands.

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