Sampler: Dead of Winter by Michelle Miles

While Dane and Skye find themselves in the middle of a war, fighting to survive in the future, their present is catching up with them. 

At the mercy of a faulty time machine, Skye Ransom and Dane Fortune are forced to randomly leap through time on a wild, roller-coaster ride of danger as they try to get back to the 21st century.

Each jump sends them farther away from home but brings them closer together in a bond that not even a time bender can sever.

With their last time leap, they end up in a strange futuristic frigid world with two opposing tribes.

The arrival of the time travelers sets into motion a long-dead prophecy indicating Skye is the future of one of the tribes, causing a rebellion.

When one of the tribe leaders kidnaps Skye intent on marrying her and sacrificing her to the gods to help him win that rebellion,

Dane uses his military tactics to launch an all-out war to save her before she’s burned alive on a funeral pyre.

But will he be able to save her before it’s too late?

Sampler: Dead of Winter, A Ransom & Fortune Adventure

A sudden rumbling of the earth beneath his feet gave Dane pause. He spun where he stood, his breath exhaling in white plumes on the frigid air. With a thunder of heavy hooves, hundreds of horses suddenly crested the nearest ridge, racing toward him. He recognized Nyan in the center, flanked by a riderless horse and Ilsa. His men rode behind them. Nyan came to a stop, his horses’ hooves kicking up snow.

“Stranger, you go to save the girl.” Nyan’s gaze focused on Dane. It was a statement, not a question.

“Yes.” Dane still gripped the sword in his hand, wondering what the chieftain was up to.

“Because she is your mate?”

His mate? “Not my mate. I swore to protect her.”

True, he’d promised William Ransom he’d keep her safe. True, he’d promised he’d see her home once again. Promises he intended to keep.

Nyan and Ilsa exchanged a glance. Some silent communication passed between them.

“There is more to this troskian ceremony the girl does not know. In order for the prophecy of peace to come true, there must be a sacrifice.”

The back of Dane’s neck tingled. “What kind of sacrifice?”

A woman with hair the color of flame will drop from the sky. She will be the Pure One, the one who can bring peace to all the clans with her flaming death,” Nyan said. “There is an old temple at the top of the mountain that is said to have magical powers. He intends to burn her.”

He stared at him, his gut twisted. “And that woman is Skye?”

“Is she not named for the heavens?”

“Burning her alive won’t give you peace. All it will do is kill an innocent woman.” Anger and fear pulsed through him.

Nyan slowly nodded. “I agree. It is why I offer you a truce. Join us and we can help each other. You can save your woman and I can rid us of that vile savage.”

Dane’s gaze flickered between Nyan and his mother. She gave him a nod of approval, her expression urging him to mount the horse.

“We must stop Sovold before he reaches the temple,” Nyan said and pointed to the building on top of the mountain.

“Then you’ll free us,” Dane said. “Me and the girl―both of us. We go free when it’s over.”

“Agreed,” Nyan said quickly. He offered Dane the reins of the riderless horse beside him. “Now come before it’s too late.”

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