Sampler: Bridge Back by Stephanie Parker McKean

I could imagine the horror and hurt in his eyes if I told him I had made a mistake and was leaving again. Read an excerpt from Bridge Back by Stephanie Parker McKean.

There are eight Texas Miz Mike “Bridge” books in the series. They are all humorous, but one of the funniest is number six, “Bridge Back,” in which Miz Mike leaves the Nevada desert and the man and his teen daughter she has nearly fallen in love with and returns to Scotland to marry her fiancé, Reverend Alan Kirkland. Instead of romance—she finds mystery and murder. She also discovers how much she misses Egan and his unruly daughter.

Mike goes looking for the Loch Ness Monster in a leaky boat. It sinks. Her new neighbor complains about Mike’s barking dog. The neighbor accuses Mike’s roommate of hiring ghosts to scare her.

Mike rescues a seagull on the way to church and it poops on her dress. She tries to contain the seagull in a box during the church service and falls over the front rail. Mike gets lost in a shopping center at night and hides from the night watchman. When she flees from the building—she runs into a policeman.

Friends warn Mike to avoid Prudence Grunfel. Mike boasts, “Texans never back down from anything – not even rattlesnakes.” But after Prudence informs Mike that to marry their pastor she must change her name and quit writing “dirty books”—next time Mike sees Prudence Grunfel—she runs.

And why would a lady like Texas Miz Mike stomp on her own wedding dress?

Stephanie Parker McKean

Sampler: Bridge Back

I felt distanced from and indifferent to my own wedding. It was only my imagination that kept me in Scotland that morning beside my husband-to-be.

I could imagine the horror and hurt in his eyes if I told him I had made a mistake and was leaving again, and I could feel his shame and embarrassment if he had to tell his congregation that the wedding was off. I couldn’t be that cruel. Marty, Alan, Egan, and Flame—I had already hurt too many people with casual goodbyes.

Not that I had ever promised a future to Egan and Flame. That at least was not stowed away in the burden of guilt that I carried so wearingly on my mind…

The capricious wind had managed to batter the door open a bit more in spite of whatever was stuck in it and I saw what was hidden in the cabin behind the straining door.

It was a foot. A foot turned the wrong way because it was attached to a man who was turned the wrong way.

The man’s body was flung forward, his upper body parts disappearing below the hole in the deck that housed the inboard engine.

I knew he was dead.

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