Sally Berneathy Speaking at ETWG’s Boot Camp for Writers

Her subject will be Fortune, Editors, and Readers Favor Those Who Write Correct English.

Humorous mystery writer Sally Berneathy will be one of the featured speakers at the 15thAnnual Summer Writing Conference on Saturday, July 20, at the West Campus of Tyler Junior College in Tyler, Texas.

The Boot Camp for Writers is sponsored by the East Texas Writers Guild.

Sally will be speaking on the subject: Fortune, Editors, and Readers Favor Those Who Write Correct English.

Class Description:

Grammar Policewoman Sally Berneathy explains how to avoid common grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors.

Time to eat grandma.

Time to eat, Grandma.

The first is spoken by a psycho. The second is an invitation to dinner.

John peaked inside the theater.

I’m pretty sure he could be arrested for that.

“Lay Down Sally”

Lie down, Sally.

Eric Clapton’s musical abilities aside, the first could be painful. The second could be fun.

Grammar is not really a form of torture devised by the Grammar Police. Grammar and punctuation allow us to communicate our thoughts to others in a way they can understand. When we speak, our expressions and vocal intonations help to convey our meaning. When we write, we are dependent on correct grammar, punctuation, and word usage. (That last is a serial comma, FYI.)

Don’t be the only one in your writing group who doesn’t know what a gerund is. In this workshop you will learn whether you should accept that award or except it, if the man went further or farther down the road, when single quote marks should be used, and what Detective Lieutenant Joe Kenda said on television that made Sally fall out of love with him. It could have the same effect on your readers. Unfortunately, you will not learn why Eric Clapton’s friend was holding Sally in the first place. Repeated e-mails to Eric have been ignored.

Meet the Speaker:

Sally Berneathy grew up in a small rural town in southeastern Oklahoma where her family’s favorite entertainment on summer evenings was to sit outside under the stars and tell stories. When she went to bed at night, instead of a lullaby, she got a story. That could be due to the fact that everybody in her family has a singing voice like a bullfrog with laryngitis, but they sure could tell stories.

For as long as she can remember, Sally has been a storyteller. Thank goodness for computers so she can write down her stories. It’s hard to make listeners sit still for the length of a book.

Sally has two ongoing cozy mystery series: Death by Chocolate (7 books) and Charley’s Ghost (4 books). The first book in each series is a USA Today Bestseller.

She previously sold fifteen romance novels ranging from comedy to dark suspense. For those novels, she won several awards including National Readers’ Choice, Romantic Times Best Silhouette Romance and two Rita finalist slots.

Besides writing, her interests are reading, eating chocolate and riding her Harley. You can find out more about Sally at

Her latest book in the Death by Chocolate Series is Guns, Wives, and Chocolate.

Here is the premise as only Sally Berneathy could explain it:

Lindsay hosts a welcome home party for a drug dealer’s release from prison. What could possibly go wrong?

Soon Lindsay’s back yard is filled with felons, loud music, and smoke from various kinds of cigarettes.

Lindsay’s ex’s ex, Grace, arrives with her young son and her new husband, Chuck. They are moving in across the street.

Chuck is murdered.

Then his other wife calls.

Wait…his other wife?

Can things get worse?


Please click HERE to find Guns, Wives and Chocolate on Amazon.

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