Roslyn Reid: Meet the Author Podcast at Indie Book Source

Join psychic suspense thriller writer Roslyn Reid tonight, Wednesday, February 22, at 7 p.m. EST, on Meet the Author Podcast at Indie Book Source, hosted by Rob and Joan Carter.

Amazon best-selling and international award-winning author Roslyn Reid’s first mystery, A Scandal at Crystalline,debuted to almost a dozen five-star reviews on Amazon.

It reveals the sinister side of raku pottery and kicks off a series of quirky mysteries set in Maine, featuring Black private detective James Early and his teenage son Tikki.

The Spiricom, second book in the series, about a man who builds an electronic device to talk to his dead wife, debuted in September 2021.

Reid lives with her Great Pyrenees and husband in Downeast Maine, where she gardens, lifts weights, and hikes.

A former model, she contributed to Llewellyn’s annual almanacs for several decades and has written for a few of the local newspapers.

She is a member of the Author’s Guild, has a blog on Goodreads, an author page on, a LinkedIn account, and several boards on Pinterest.

You can follow her on Bookbub, or on Twitter as @the_moonshadow.

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A Scandal at Crystalline

Chandler Hammond is missing.

His wife claims he and his girlfriend must have skipped town after stealing millions from his company.

His sister thinks that her brother’s wife murdered him, and she hires Detective James Early to find the truth.

The search is on, and the investigation will lead through a maze of curious characters, unforgettable curiosities, unexplained supernatural forces, and more before he finds out what really happened to Chandler Hammond.

The Spiricom

She was killed on their wedding day…but he couldn’t let her go.

Tall and handsome Dr. Spencer Py was a well-respected environmental Scientist.

But one moment can change everything.

When a car crash kills his new bride Melanie and leaves him bound to a wheelchair, he’s left racked with despair over his failure to save her.

Grief turns to obsession, and one fateful night he stumbles upon plans for the Spiricom on the internet, Thomas Edison’s device for communicating with the dead.

Determined to be united with his beloved, he embarks on a journey to build the device, never imagining the results, and unwittingly drawing Detective James Early into the scariest case of his life.

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