The Sultry Romantic Suspense of Maura Burd

A chance to experience a thrilling adventure with steamy romance, and mortifying terror.

Maura Burd is an author of Romantic Suspense.

She writes steamy Romantic Suspense because of her lifelong captivation with the elements of love, suspense, and desire.

She often writes real-life experiences into her fictional Romantic Suspense books, especially when it pertains to her book’s female lead character.

Whether the lead character is experiencing a thrilling adventure, a steamy romance or a mortifying terror, she feels that weaving particular real-life experiences into the lead characters’ storylines, can add to the excitement’s intensity.

Maura resides in Pennsylvania with her wonderful husband, Randell and their dog.

In her spare time, she enjoys walking with her dog, reading, listening to hard rock and new age music, flower and herb gardening, collecting Victorian and Edwardian clothing, and dabbling in a few other artistic pastimes.

For more information, book details, and videos, please visit her website at WWW.MAURABURD.COM.

Only For You

Mattie Jackson is a content, single woman living a quiet life in a charming suburb of Pittsburgh.

Fate steps into her life one night tempting her out of her uncomplicated existence.

During this thrilling transition, she meets a novelist, the handsome, sultry-eyed Kyle Bruno.

Rousing passion rapidly ignites her body and soul as she becomes deeply ensnared by this new, intoxicating excitement.

What she never imagines is that an invading, hidden menace preying upon the local residents has now focused its sights upon her.

And where the compelling danger intends to take her may not be a destination Mattie will ever escape.
Only the keeper of the pendulum will decide the next move.

Set in the rolling hills and scenic valleys of southwestern Pennsylvania.

Only For You Too

ONLY FOR YOU TOO continues where the story of ONLY FOR YOU ended.

Mattie Jackson embraces her new life with the man who effortlessly claimed her heart and continues to fuel her passionate desire.

Set in a quaint suburb northeast of downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Mattie discovers some exciting information regarding her family’s past.

While at the same time, an unrelenting, sinister force blind-sides her, trying to transform her world from underneath her.

Retrieving control of her life may not be a task that she can manage alone. As dangerous treachery continues to weave its way through her life, a captivating distraction arrives, causing her to question her integrity.

Mattie will find the seductive desire ruling over her life may be the only true aspect that she can trust.

Only For Us

A wild, coastal storm rolls into Myrtle Beach during the night, luring Mattie Jackson into the warm, thrilling arms of Kyle.

Kyle’s electrifying touch urges Mattie to blissfully surrender.

While sultry flames of passion rise around them, a vicious murder transpires.

Mattie is drawn into the mystery, following her impulses to get to the truth.

During her pursuit to stay cautious, an unforeseen development occurs.

An enticement from her past emerges from the shadows, pulling her into a web of rousing desire and deadly revenge.


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