Roger Leslie: Narrative Point of View – A Different Perspective

Roger Leslie is a featured speaker at the East Texas Writers Guild Summer Conference on July 14. He will be speaking on Narrative Point of View – A Different Perspective.

As an expert on movies, Roger Leslie has committed to memory enough movie facts to fill an encyclopedia. He uses that knowledge in his fun keynote speeches relating film awards to any group or interest.

One of his one most popular books is Oscar’s Favorite Actors: The Winningest Stars (And More Who Should Be.)

Just as the Academy Awards have an impact upon stars and their careers, their filmic achievements influence the Academy and contribute to the rich history of the Oscars. Upset wins, jarring losses, and glaring oversights have helped define the careers of Hollywood icons, while unknown actors have proven that timing sometimes beats notoriety or even talent.

With detailed discussion of their performances and Awards night results, this book describes how 108 actors earned the Academy’s favor—and how 129 others were overlooked.

About Roger Leslie:

Like a film director, the narrator plays the most important creative role in the production of any written work. Determining what to share with readers, when to show it, and how close you bring readers to the characters and action establishes the power of your storytelling. In this lively session you will explore various points of view and determine, individually and as a group, the strengths and shortcomings of each perspective in order to make your work the most powerful it can be.

Prolific, award-winning author, Roger Leslie is a scholar in the fields of education, film history, and success. His bestselling books include fiction, inspirational self-help, teaching and librarianship, biography, and movie reference. Leslie’s love of books extends beyond his own love of writing, He is a compassionate editor, inspiring writing coach, and dedicated publisher committed to helping other authors make their dreams come true.

A master of goal setting and achievement, Leslie travels the world sharing with groups of all ages his research on success and his techniques for using personal passion to create a life of purpose. His books on the topic, including Success Express for Teens and Teach Me SUCCESS, are core resources for educators at all levels, from elementary school through college, especially for character education and whole-child approaches to learning.

He shares empowering breakthroughs in My First Last Year, a Walden-like record of his personal experiment in living. His workshops on the topic have grown into a global movement where he teaches people to FLY® by living their own First Last Year.

When not on the road, Leslie lives in Houston where he writes, conducts workshops, teaches college, and runs Paradise Publishing LLC.

Please click HERE to find Oscar’s Favorite Actors on Amazon.

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