Reviews let us know if we’ve won or lost.

This book stirred up strong emotions; I got angry, I laughed, and I cried. What a ride and what an ending!

We who are serious about the writing craft work hard to produce original and compelling stories. We scatter words on a page.

We shuffle them around.

Characters show up, mostly unannounced.

Who are they?

Don’t know.

Where did they come from?

Not sure.

But we follow them around, and it’s often difficult to believe what they say and do.

We throw the last sentence in place, and the doubt begins.

Is the story as good as we hoped it would be?

Does the plot work?

Are the characters believable?

What about the ending?

Does it have impact?

We throw out books into the world and hope for the best.

Reviews let us know if we’ve won or lost.

Here are a couple from Back Side of a Blue Moon.

Amazon Review

By Angel Sefer

A fascinating story with intriguing characters that will stick with you long after you finish the book, especially beautiful, proud, and stubborn Eudora Durant, and Doc Banister—a smooth-talking, hard to resist, con man.

When Doc appears in Ashland—a small town in Texas where families are broke and hungry—and starts talking about drilling for oil, he sets into motion a series of events with unpredictable consequences for everyone.

I found myself rooting for the people of Ashland who were all pitching in everything they had, and I was holding my breath to find out what will happen… Were they going to drill? And if so, will they hit an oil well or a dry hole? The future of the entire town and every living soul in it depended on it.

This book stirred up strong emotions; I got angry, I laughed, and I cried. What a ride and what an ending!

Amazon Review

By Jackie Taylor Zortman

This romance is a different type of book for Caleb Pirtle III to write, but it proves he can write anything his heart desires and do it with style. You can almost feel the heat and oppression of the small town of Ashland, Texas, breathe the dust of drought and feel the heartbreak of the less than affluent citizens who populate it.

When a handsome con man rolls in, beautiful Eudora cannot resist being drawn to someone she thinks might turn out to be the man she’s always yearned for, as opposed to the hateful, tortuous drunk she married.

When her husband disappears, the town shuns her with suspicion of murder and she struggles to exist alone with a tiny caged bird as her only companion. But things change as time goes on and unexpected events come into play…some good, some bad.

You’ll be fascinated with this book and unable to put it down. I read it far into the nights and couldn’t wait for time during the day to get back to it.

Please click HERE to purchase your copy of Back Side of a Blue Moon. Maybe you would feel compelled to write a review, good or bad.


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