My Review of Love’s Enigma by Breakfield and Burkey

A beautiful short story about the realities and complexities of life and love.

Hopelessly in love and desperately fearful!

Zara and Buzz are products of vastly different upbringings. Their chance meeting ignites attraction they must explore. Even with lies and omissions, they find themselves falling in love.

For them its a good thing love is blind.

A defining incident offers the opportunity to explore a future together.

They move away from everything for a fresh start. They optimize their experiences to build a life they never imagined in the Caribbean. Then their demons’ surface.

Zara distrusts love because of her past. She’s afraid to commit anyone.

Buzz wants love better than what he’d lost.

Will Zara slip through his fingers? Can they honestly bury their past? If those secrets are shared, will their love be destroyed?

Charles Breakfield and Roxanne Burkey


Love’s Enigma is a mystery wrapped in a romance.

It’s not a whodunit.

The mystery is tangled within the hearts of two people who are desperate to hang onto love and each other.

But somewhere in the past, both have dark sides to hide, places that neither ever want to visit again.

Zara is an abused, tortured, and beaten woman when Buzz and his small army of men rescue her.

Who hurt her?

He doesn’t know.

Why was she kidnapped?

Zara has a secret.

Will he ever find out?

Zara had pulled a curtain between the woman she is now and the woman she once had been.

Buzz cares for her.

He nurses her back to health.

He’s in love as he’s never been before.

Zara runs away with him to the Caribbean.

But what is she really running from?

She smiles.

She’s stoic.

Zara has a secret.

They settle down on sun-lit beaches, and quiet, tranquil islands.

They have a perfect life together.

Buzz knows it should be forever.

He wants to marry her.

He wants a family.

Zara loves him.

He knows it.

So does she.

But Zara has a secret.

Will he ever know what it is?

Or is he destined to be left in the dark?

Can love overcome the chasm that her past has created between them?

Charles Breakfield and Roxanne Burkey have written a beautiful short story about the realities and complexities of life and love and the compromises facing two determined people who want so badly to escape their pasts and flee on their own terms into a precarious future that holds the hope of many possibilities but no promises.

It’s an emotional journey.

A lot of laughs.

A few tears.

All hidden behind a dark, ragged veil of secrets.

And you are holding your breath and with them every step of the way.

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