My Review of Fun with Dick by John Dolan

Dolan delivers exactly what he promises to deliver: a tale of dark laughter.

Twenty-five-year-old Richard Blackheart – geek, wage slave, and Superman wannabe – seems destined for a life of dull obscurity.

Then one day he hits upon an idea for the ultimate non-self-help book, ‘How to Die Alone, Smelly and Unloved’, and things start to change …

Fun with Dick is a heart-wrenching, hilarious and harrowing tale of one man’s struggle against gravity and cats. It is not recommended for people who are easily triggered.

If you do read it, keep your shrink’s phone number handy.

Review by Caleb Pirtle III

In Fun with Dick, the irrepressible John Dolan delivers exactly what he promises to deliver: a tale of dark laughter.

There are tears amidst the laughter, loneliness that hides behind the sound of laughter at the strangest of times, and a man who is on a roller coaster picking up speed on his way to self-destruction.

Dolan is a genuine genius when it comes to creating sad sack heroes who are thrown into bizarre circumstances and consider it merely part of their daily grind.

We laugh with them.

Mostly we cry for them.

And we hope against hope that, with any luck at all, they will be able to crawl out from beneath those personal demons who have left their lives muddled, dull, and headed down the darkness of a dead-end street.

He gives us Dick Blackheart, a shallow creature whose existence winds its way among comic books, a feral cat, and a delusion that he could be Superman if the angry gods had not placed Kryptonite beneath the park for the sole purpose of keeping him from flying.

His one final stab for notoriety is the decision to write a non-self-help book, “How to Die Alone, Smelly and Unloved.”

If nothing else, it is his personal view of his own autobiography, the story of someone who has thrown away his life, but it keeps coming back so he can throw it away again.

Then comes his journey to Thailand, and Dick Blackheart becomes a changed man.

Like a master magician, John Dolan reveals the man as he was supposed to be, and only someone with Dolan’s fictional dexterity can remove the believable layers of trauma and depression, leaving the reader wondering why he or she didn’t understand the real Dick Blackheart from page one.

Fun with Dick is witty.

It’s irreverent.

It’s disturbing.

It lingers in your mind.

It’s pure Dolan, writing on a good day.

It’s an emotional journey that you can’t afford to miss, even though Dolan warns you to keep your shrink’s phone number handy.

He’s laughing.

You shouldn’t be.

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