Review for Deadly Dominoes by Linda Pirtle

Will her escapades back-fire? Will her husband be the next target? She keeps you guessing until the end?

Bill knows his wife likes to travel. He also knows she won’t leave her white Standard Poodle named Eli behind, so for their fiftieth anniversary, he surprises Lillian with a brown and tan Forester RV. In late August, they drive away from Leisure Lake in their new RV and plan to visit Caddo Lake and nearby historic Jefferson, Texas. Lillian looks forward to a peaceful vacation, one not involving any kind of death. Fate, though, does honor her desire.

The setting for Deadly Dominoes is Caddo Lake. Situated in the Cypress basin of northeast Texas, Caddo Lake, with its cypress and ancient oaks dripping with Spanish moss, provides the perfect backdrop for mystery, murder, and militia mayhem. Lillian’s curiosity is peaked right from the start. She meets Brandon, a young man who sacks groceries at a convenience store and service station. He gives her a warning.

“You’d better be careful. Crazy things have been happening out at that RV Park at Caddo.”

Of course, Lillian questions him and learns that people have been disappearing.

Always the mother figure, Lillian adopts Brandon and invites him to dinner.

The Caddo camp director invites Lillian and Bill to the Friday night domino games held at the camp’s Pavilion. Lillian sees the camp’s maintenance man. He reminds her of someone. But who?

During a break in the domino games, a loud explosion is heard. Thus, begins a string of murders, mysterious curses with an attached domino, and attempts on the lives of other campers. Lillian is determined to answer the following questions:

Who is the person or persons leaving dominoes and notes on the bodies of one victim after the next? Everyone is a suspect.

Does the explosion have any connection to the game of dominoes or with the murders or attempted murders?

Lillian must connect the dots.

And put them together, she does.

Linda Pirtle

Amazon Review

By Eve

There are many twists and turns in Mrs. Pirtle’s new mystery. She takes Lillian Prestridge on another adventure through the heart of East Texas, and you will be hooked from the start.

When Lillian and her husband arrive at Caddo Lake, Lillian can’t resist the temptation of solving several crimes in the area.

She has a fierce determination to be her own woman, and she doesn’t hesitate to take chances as she chooses her own path. Her determination doesn’t come without consequences though.

Will her escapades back-fire?

Will her husband be the next target?

Or will she? It keeps you guessing until the end?

A truly heart-warming story with well-developed characters and an intriguing story.

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