My Review: Blood Moon by Gene Shelton

Max Gunn is into the ride of his life, and it’s a ride you’ll want to take with him. All you have to do is dodge a few bullets along the way.

Max Gunn, Private Investigator, scratched out a modest living handling divorce cases, missing persons complaints, and tracking down bail jumpers.

The last thing he need was big trouble.

His rather comfortable life turned complicated when the gorgeous babe in red walked into his ratty second-floor walkup office with a simple problem—she wanted a divorce from her con artist husband.

Max didn’t know that chance encounter would drag him into the murky and dangerous world of drug dealers, money laundering, and embezzlement.

But he knew he was in serious trouble after he was shot at, beaten up, and his office ransacked.

And he didn’t have a clue why …

Gene Shelton

Meet the Author:

Gene Shelton, a Texas native, grew up on a big ranch in the Panhandle, where many of his stories are set. He is the author of 26 published novels, about half of them under his own name and the rest under pseudonyms.

As a young man Shelton worked as a ranch hand and horse trainer, and rode bulls and roped calves and steers in rodeos on his free weekends. Retired after 35 years in the news business, he lives in Sulphur Springs with his wife of 50-plus years, Barbara.

Shelton has been a creative writing teacher and currently is a member and mentor with the Silver Leos Writers Guild of East Texas A&M, and continues to write short stories and novels in his spare time.

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Review by Caleb Pirtle III

I’m Old School.

I love a good noir mystery crafted by the literary minds of Raymond Chandler, Dashiell Hammett, and Jim Thompson.

They’re dark.

They’re hard-boiled.

They’re packed with sarcasm.

They’re filled with wit.

They have a flawed hero who will win in the end, but not without an undue share of trouble with both good-looking dames and the bad guys who walk the bad streets on the bad side of town.

That’s why I was immediately captured by the intrigue surrounding Gene Shelton’s new Max Gunn adventure,Blood Moon.

Max Gunn may be a private investigator.

But he handles the light stuff.

Got a missing person?

Max will do a pretty good job of tracking him or her down.

Need a divorce?

Want some dirty pictures of a dirty affair?

Max will click the shutter and give you all the evidence you need.

But danger?

Max knows it’s out there.

But he’d rather not participate.

He has an aversion to finding himself in the middle of a fight, either with fists or guns.

But Max is smitten with the lady in red.

She’s beautiful.

She wants a divorce.

She says that con artist husband of hers is worthless.

With a smile and a wink, she can make Max believe any tale she wants to spin.

Dig up a little dirt.

Snap a picture or two.

Make the lady happy.

Piece of cake.

She may be beautiful, he figures, but she’s not dangerous.

Max Gunn is dead wrong.

If the drug dealers don’t take him off the face of the earth, the embezzlers will.

Max Gunn is into the ride of his life.

It’s wild.

It’s reckless.

And it’s a ride you’ll want to take with him.

All you have to do is dodge a few bullets along the way.

Gene Shelton gained notoriety as one of the finest writers of Westerns in the country.

His work is legendary.

Now he has moved to a hard-boiled, noir mystery.

And he is as comfortable writing one genre as he is the other.

You need to find out for yourself.

Please click HERE to find Blood Moon on Amazon.

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