Reflections of a Two Sun Morning

The world outside my window is born anew every morning.

It comes out of the darkness.

It comes with the first hint of daylight.

It comes out of the fog that drapes the lake like a shroud, thick at first, then slowly fading away when the sun touches the mist.

When we are fortunate, an artist like Cathy Marshall is there to capture it all with her camera.

The image is only there for a moment.

It awakens the world.

It awakens us.

Then it begins drifting with the wind.

We may witness something similar in our lifetime.

But we’ll never see this moment as it was, not ever again.

The image may be frozen in our memory.

It may survive forever on an artist’s print.

But time reaches out and takes the vision away long before we’re ready for it to leave.

We blink once.

And it’s gone.

Cathy Marshall points out, “This photo of a dawn on Cedar Lake captures some of my favorite graphic elements; foggy muted light with hints of pink glowing color, reflections on water, meditation of the moment where you feel blessed to observe, framed by a silhouette… perfection.”


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