Putting the Wow and Dollar Factor in Your Blog

Guest blogger Erik Emanuelli is a traveler, entrepreneur, and passionate blogger. He considers himself to be a Citizen of the World, traveling for business and pleasure in over twenty-five countries across four continents. And he’s not through yet. Erik works in Import/Export Business and in free time he runs Free MAKE MONEY Advice. You can count on his blog providing information about how to make money online –  blogging, SEO and Internet Marketing.

Erik Emanuelli

Don’t tell “them” I told you this. Do you know there’s a way to convert visitors into potential customers and regular readers? I know what’s on your mind.  No, you’re not going to give them money; you’re going to give them what they want!

I know you’re eager to know about this secret, but know this: if you’re going to convert your visitors into regular readers, you will have to do something unique. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of bloggers do this ‘’thing’’ everyday, but they do it in the wrong way.

The quality and readability of your content are what will make your readers see  you as an expert in your field.

Huh! ‘’Bosh,” now I’m exposing the secret. Don’t worry, I will reveal it to you.

Although I feel like preaching, my mood won’t let me.

Let’s get started!

Your main aim or objective is to impress and make your readers trust you more. If you want them to have a couple ‘’HA’’ moments, you will need to follow and apply the following principles.

Offer Them Quality Information

Information is the backbone of your content. Therefore, provide them with clear, concise, and hot in-depth information.

Tell them the secrets to your success. Go the extra-mile to provide them quality information you’ll never tell anyone on a normal day.

By doing this, your readers will not only see you as an expert but someone who wants them to grow financially.

Make Your Content Readable

How would you feel if you visit a blog that has quality information but the contents are unreadable?

Break your sentence into paragraphs (three sentences, at most).

Use subheadings to give an idea on what your next paragraph is all about.

Be unique, and let them see you as someone they can trust.

You’re Not an English Professor, So Use Simple English!

We know you got out of school with a first class degree in English. Don’t scare your readers with  ‘’those’’ big words …

Take it or leave it, your readers are busy people. In fact, they don’t like reading but the condition they’re in force them to read your content.

Be plain with your English. Use words that even a three-year-old baby would understand, and you know what?

They don’t care if you passed out from school with a good degree in English, all they want is plain English they can understand – simple!

Be on point – don’t beat around the bush

Why say A when you meant B? I mean there’s no need to tell fairy tale stories rather than pass out clear and straight information.

They hate when you beat around the bush. Give out the information they want without telling stories.

Keep it Simple and Conversational!

Imagine talking to your mom about internet marketing. Talk to them the way you’ll talk to your mom. They love it when you talk in a conversational tone.

Let me tell you something about people you don’t know, they love to be cared for, therefore make them know you care for them by talking to them in a simple manner.

You would achieve great results with this.

Your Readers Hate It – Don’t Pitch Your Product or Services

Don’t annoy your readers by pitching your services.

It’s not professional (you’ll look like a clown).



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