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My Daddy
My Daddy


He usually let the rest of the family do the talking.

On one of my last visits to my parents’ house before he got sick, he asked me to go into mama’s sewing room where we could be alone. He wanted me to hear something that he had recorded just for me.

Mike Snider
Mike Snider

Mike Snider, a comedian from the small town of Gleason, Tennessee, had grabbed daddy’s admiration with his incomparable wit and stellar banjo playing. Daddy appreciated the talent of this young man who was regarded as one of the funniest members of The Grand Ole Opry.

The music of the Bluegrass string band with Mike’s banjo, fiddle, harmonica and mandolin filled many hours of my dad’s otherwise idle days.

Together, we burst into laughter as we listened to Mike’s southern drawl when he told stories about his wife, “Sweetie”.

This was a rare moment for us.

We were emotionally moved. We cried together.

The cassette that daddy gave me that day , in 1990, is a sentimental possession.

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