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Watch as Princess Ameenah provides details on the legacy of a Civil Rights hero tonight, October 12, at 7 p.m. EDT on the Meet the Author Podcast at Indie Book Source, hosted by Rob and Joan Carter.


The first obligation of this book is to truth. In the beginning we contemplate the legacy of Dr. King, historical facts, the civil rights era and resources. He is easily a man who could have been a womanizer.

Was he?

Did he have relationships that were disloyal, adulterous or inappropriate?

This literature will help you compare and contrast the difference between womanizers and gentlemen, and ultimately decide for yourself what you choose to teach and remember about the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

This book includes research, learning activities and stories designed to help put Dr. King’s charisma, the women he met, and the passion and attraction he encountered into perspective, using Luther as an objective personality.

Princess Ameenah

Love Story 2/7:
Luther admired Peach because she had good looks, class and intelligence. Men couldn’t keep their eyes off of her. Once Peach told her friends that no man has ever been able to resist her. “If he can resist me, he is not a real man,” she bragged.

Peach knocked on Luther’s door. When he opened it, he was taken aback by the glow of her skin, and her hair was a lot like his wife’s. He missed his family. He was afraid he was going to be killed and not have a chance to tell them again how much he loved them.

He was sorry for giving them such a hectic life filled with loneliness and sacrifice. Peach sensed his pain and fear. She reached out to touch him. They embraced, and Luther realized quick that he needed to let her go.

Peach was gorgeous, entrancing, and he dug deep inside himself to resist the passion surging within him, but Peach leaned in more, amplifying the cleavage of her blouse for Luther to see.

Can Luther resist Peach without hurting her feelings, and still maintain her loyalty, energy, passion and support? There is sometimes a tricky and blurred line between making women feel important and appreciated, and actual intimacy.

Does Luther have to cross that line, even if just once?

Does that make him a womanizer?

This book will help you answer questions about womanizing, noblemen, gentlemen, and the reverend Dr. King.

You will develop an understanding about flirting, lying, intentions and deceiving in order to attain intimacy versus using people to accomplish certain tasks.

Read on!

Then answer, “Was Dr. King a womanizer, and why?

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