Peter Kirby' life was about to change forever. Would it be for the better?

red rose boutPeter Kirby’s life revolved around his widowed mother and two younger brothers in the year 1929.  The timing of his father’s death couldn’t have come at a worst time. His dream to be the first in his family to attend college was stripped away in an instant. Raised in the old country with very solid Dutch values, Peter knew his duty was to his grieving mother and young siblings. How could they live, who would pay the bills with Father gone? The decision was made.

Peter had taken this responsibility seriously all these years and all plans for his own future were put aside. Even at twenty-seven years old, the thought of taking on a wife was last on his list. His mother had other ideas, however, and Peter’s world turned upside down.

Excerpt from ‘An Unlikely Arrangement’

“Yes, Mrs. Squire, I am ready to seal the agreement. Don’t worry about my son. I will convince him. The marriage can take place as you wish. Ruth is a lovely girl and a perfect match for my son.”


Elizabeth Kirby turned. “Why Peter, you’re home early. I have the most wonderful news.” She returned the telephone to the cradle and hurried to embrace him.

The face of Peter Kirby
The face of Peter Kirby

He escaped her outstretched arms. “What do you mean about an arrangement of marriage?”

“Son, you know I want the best for you. I have discussed this at length with the Squires, and I believe this girl is perfect for you.”

He paused and took a ragged breath. “I am not interested in marriage. I’m not ready. The business is only beginning and I have you and the boys to care for. I am not equipped to take on a wife.”

“On the contrary, you need a wife. The boys are a handful for me now that papa is gone. It is my wish to see you happily married and stable. Think of the help she would be to all of us. You are to meet her this evening, dear. If perchance you do not fancy her, we will reconsider. My intuition is right on this, please trust me.” She laid a hand on Peter’s arm. “Give it a chance. That is all I ask.”

He paced the length of the room, fists flexing, open, closed, and open. “All right, if I don’t like her, you will not hold me to it?”

“Certainly not. I do want your happiness, Peter. I will have your good suit ready when you get home. You’re to call on her at six.”

But, he did like her, much more than he thought he would. “She didn’t like me and must think I am a buffoon. Her mother did not give her beauty justice—she is exquisite. Of course, why would she want the likes of me? How could I be so stupid?

Peter ripped the shirt from his torso and threw it on the bed. “Rest—indeed! Sleep, when all I see are the chocolate pools of her eyes, the curve of her cheek, those plump, succulent red lips.”

The bed groaned under his weight. He bowed his head and entwined his fingers in his hair. “I was fine until Mother made a mission to marry me off. I didn’t need women in my life until now. It never occurred to me my body would betray me like this. I can’t stop thinking about her. What kind of cad am I? I barely know her. Why couldn’t Mother leave me alone? Now, I must endure the torture of the flesh.

The early morning sun made its entrance. Peter, wide awake, stared at the ceiling. “I don’t know if I can see her today. She might reject me.” He sat up. “I must call this off. I can’t stand this torture.”

The hot shower calmed his restlessness, and by the time he finished, knew he would not end the plan already in motion. He wanted her, and he would have her.

Will Peter acquire the woman he now can’t live without? Find out in An Unlikely Arrangement.

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