The Perfect Marriage by Debbie Viggiano

If you are in the mood for a slightly emotional and engaging romance, check out this well-written read.

Rosie Perfect is trapped in a loveless marriage to feckless husband Dave. Unlike her surname, the marriage is far from perfect but, as she’s also mum to baby Luke, leaving isn’t an easy option. When best friend Lucy announces she’s getting married and having a hen night, Rosie relishes a night off from drudgery. Waking up the following morning in businessman Matt Palmer’s bed wasn’t on the agenda. But Matt is no marriage wrecker. Or is he?

Suddenly Rosie’s life is turned upside down…from not recalling what took place between Matt Palmer’s silk sheets to discovering her drunken husband is also a gambling addict…from having her home wagered away in a poker game to being pursued by a murderous loan shark. As Rosie lurches from one crisis to another, life is far from perfect. Indeed, will Rosie Perfect ever get her perfect happy-ever-after?

Debbie Viggiano

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I loved The Perfect Marriage by new to me author Debbie Viggiano. It is a totally engrossing read, due to all the situations the characters are involved in. Each character has their own story, which is intertwined perfectly into the main plot.

There are quite a few laugh-out-loud moments, angst-ridden happenings, and even an almost kidnapping. Honestly, this book has it all, and I read it from cover to cover quite easily. I was even able to figure out some of the English idioms and verbiage, which greatly contributed to the book’s unique charm.

Rosie Perfect is stuck in a meaningless and heartless marriage until a good-looking stranger extends a helping hand. With Matt Palmer’s assistance, she is able to leave her loser of a husband, and provide a safe haven for Luke, her eight-month-old son. Very quickly, her husband’s gambling problem and massive debt become her nightmare, however, good luck finally strikes and Rosie is able to move forward in her life.

I truly enjoyed this book. All the characters have larger than life personalities, and as a result, I was able to get to know them all quite intimately. Matt has a ruthless job, which does not take away from his amazing kindness. Rosie’s mother Hester, is a real piece of work, and the author does a magnificent job of balancing her hateful personality with the humorous antics she and her old biddy friends, “the gels” are a part of. If you are in the mood for a slightly emotional and engaging romance, check out this well-written read.

Amazon Review

By Vania

Her marriage was far from perfect…

After being betrayed by her boyfriend with her ex-friend, Rosie, over 30 years old, eventually accepted marry Dave Perfect, four months after they met each other. Reason: his loyalty.

On the wedding day, she started to wonder if she really loved him.

Now, with a baby in her arms, the little Luke, Rosie knew for sure she didn’t love her husband, but still, despite all the problems, she wanted to keep her family together.

But an unhappy woman, even when hiding her unhappiness, had a day when the mask falls, and the day came when she was at her best friend Lucy’s hen party.

Rosie drank beyond measure and woke up in bed to a stranger.

Matt Palmer was tall, handsome, successful, with piercing and was delighted with Rosie from the beginning.
He knew she was married, she had a son, and while respecting her current life, he knew to be the friend she needed.

Since the day Rosie met Matt, her life turned upside down.

She discovered some nasty things about her husband and was willing to divorce … but fate surprised her again.
She could be with Matt now but decided to wait a bit better analyze the situation and make sure about something for the first time in her life: what her heart really wanted.

The story has a good pace and some funny scenes.

What most attracted me to the plot is that what happens here could happen to anyone. There are thousands (or millions?) of women around the world unhappily married but who decide to stay for the sake of the family (children) and carry herself such unhappiness that make them ill.

Good thing Rosie had her happy ending. The best would be that all women of the world accomplished theirs.

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