The Paranormal Investigations of CW Hawes

Strange fiction, a series that explores those secrets too secret for even the X-Files.

CW Hawes is an award-winning poet and novelist.

He’s most known for his Justinia Wright Private Investigator Mysteries series, set in Minneapolis, Minnesota; The Rocheport Saga, a post-apocalyptic series set in America’s Midwest; and the Pierce Mostyn Paranormal Investigations series, set wherever there be monsters.

His love of fine food, interesting places, philosophy, music, art, books, and history can be seen in each of his tales.

CW was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, and made his home in Minneapolis, Minnesota for 45 years. He now lives in Katy, Texas with his wife and cat.

For more information, check out his blog:

CW Hawes

Nightmare in Agate Bay

They’re staging a comeback. And they want us out of the way.

There are rumors that an ancient evil has resurfaced in the decaying Lake Superior town of Agate Bay.

Pierce Mostyn, a special agent with the ultra-secret Office of Unidentified Phenomena, is tasked with finding out if the rumors are true. If they are, Mostyn must take appropriate action to contain or eliminate the threat.

When he and his team arrive in Agate Bay, they find a virtual ghost town. The few remaining inhabitants quickly show themselves to be hostile and threatening. And they appear to be suffering from some manner of a strange disease. Or are they?

However, when Mostyn and his team finally discover the truth, can they get out of town in time to save the world? Or will they too become part of the hideous nightmare in Agate Bay?

Nightmare in Agate Bay is the first installment in the new series that explores those secrets too secret for even the X-Files. If you’re a fan of HP Lovecraft, Brian Lumley’s Titus Crow, Charles Stross’s The Laundry Files, and the Cthulhu Mythos, you’re sure to like this new paranormal adventure series.

Stairway to Hell

They are old. Very old. And they live beneath our feet.

An ancient stairway is discovered in rural Oklahoma. Workmen have disappeared or come back insane. Special Agent in Charge Pierce Mostyn must find out the secret of the stairway.

But when he and his team are captured, he discovers that his captors are part of an evil far more ancient than humankind itself.

Can Mostyn get his team safely back to the earth’s surface? Or will they remain in hell forever?

Van Dyne’s Vampires

Not even Hell could create such things!

But the secretive and mysterious Van Dyne Corporation might.

Is Valdis Damien van Dyne preparing to launch a wave of terror that will overthrow the world’s governments? Not even the all-knowing Dr. Rafe Bardon, director of the Office of Unidentified Phenomena, knows for sure.

Special Agent in Charge Pierce Mostyn is investigating sightings of bizarre and legendary creatures. Product of nature? Or the product of Van Dyne’s lab?

When Mostyn discovers the truth, will his team survive and save the world from nightmarish terror?

The Medusa Ritual

When looking fear in the eyes is the last thing you do!

Special Agent in Charge Pierce Mostyn and his team are on assignment in Los Angeles, California. Their mission? To find a rare book of forbidden knowledge before the owner can unleash unthinkable terror upon the world.

And when a mysterious mask-wearing man, dressed in Chinese robes upends the mission and captures Mostyn’s partner, Dr. Dotty Kemper — things take a very personal turn for Mostyn.

To rescue Dotty, Mostyn and his team follow the clues deep into the crumbling tunnel system beneath Los Angeles. In this deadly labyrinth, Mostyn is in a race against time to stop the mysterious man.

But around every corner will they discover the mysterious man, Dotty, or the dreaded Gorgon herself?

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