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MY SISTER WROTE ME and told me I was pronoid. Was she saying something nice? It had to be, it was my sister. So I looked it up in the urban dictionary. Yes, I am. Are you?

It appears to be a condition I was born with. I can’t remember a time that I didn’t think that the universe was working in our favor. When I heard people talk about things that they felt weren’t in their favor, it bothered me, and I tried to correct their thinking.

If you are thinking that must have been annoying, I assure you that it was. Who needs a child telling them that if they shifted their thinking they would experience a shift of circumstances. It wasn’t until I was about nine that I realized that circumstances don’t shift. What happens is the that clouds that hide what is actually going on, dissolve.

As I got older, I realized that I was talking a misperception, or to be clever – which I sometimes succumb to – a mist-perception.

Beca Lewis
Beca Lewis

I think that if you are reading this you are pronoid too. But, like me, you have been bombarded for years to try and beat this idea out of you. Most of what we hear about is what doesn’t, didn’t, and won’t work. “The universe working in our favor, you got to be kidding, look at the craziness, wars, greed, imbalance going on.“

But, no matter how much that point of view is pushed on us, somewhere, even if it sometimes is buried far beneath the surface – after all, we wanted to fit in with the crowd – there is the absolute knowledge that beyond all that “doesn’t, didn’t, and won’t,” there resides the Truth.

Throughout time this idea has been called faith. The ability to see what is invisible. It is the thread that holds the world together even when we run around blind to the beauty of its design. Sometimes we shift our perception just for an instant, and glimpse once again, that yes, it’s true, the universe works in our favor.

In fact, it is all in our favor. The universe is the symbol of the perfect design of the infinite intelligence called by many names, but always good.

We, the pronoid, are coming out of the closet. It’s time.

Reliance on God’s plan for us reveals and unfolds opportunities and abilities; removes hurdles, and roadblocks.

Of course there are terrible events. People do horrible and mean things, to each other, to the earth, to it’s inhabitants. But, we can’t say these things have God in them. We can’t begin to believe that God has something to do with them.

If we are ever to escape the belief system that says good is not omnipotent, then we must stop becoming entranced, hypnotized, by its lies.

We know that we will see only what we believe. We know that what we perceive as reality magnifies. What do we want to magnify?

Do we want to magnify the point of view that evil exists, or the one that good is omnipresent; the point of view of the Bible and most of the religions found on earth. Both can not be true.

Mary Baker Eddy said “All is infinite Mind, and its infinite manifestation.” Mr Rogers, in response to the question about where is God in a terrible tragedy said, “Tell them to look for the helpers.” The head sister in the show Call The Midwives said, “God is not in the event, but in the response.”

It’s our response, and our point of view and state of mind that we can learn to control. We all fail at this at times, but feeling guilty or mad at ourselves for doing so only keeps us in the event, and not in Truth.

So yes, even though many times I feel like ranting against the apparent evil in the world, I try to remember, as quickly as I can, that everything that is present in the world is God, and if it is not good, it is not present.

The universe does move towards us with goodness. We are the center of the universe. We are the universe contained within us. We are not our bodies. We are more than the lives we live in the them. We are the presence of good, so let’s not only believe that, but act knowing it to be true. We can choose.

By the way, I can still be annoying when it comes to this subject. Just today, I tried to calm my mom’s fears about something and she hung up on me. Still, I didn’t change my mind. I remain pronoid. How about you?

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