A pair of 5-Star Reviews for Lonely Night to Die

A dark novel, a tragic novel, about a dark and tragic man who is not afraid to die.

It’s winter.

It’s cold.

Roland Sand boards a train to Chicago.

He awakens on a park bench in town he’s never seen before.

It’s hot.

It’s sultry.

How did he get there?

He doesn’t know.

Who is the beautiful girl on the bench beside him?

He doesn’t know.

But she’s quite dead, and he has no idea who killed her.

Or why?

But he’ll find out if it’s the last thing he ever does.

It might well be.

For Roland Sand, it’s a journey to a dark, mysterious place from which there is no escape.

It’s a noir thriller.

It’s a Short Read.

It hits you with the impact of a pistol shot.

Review by CW Hawes:

Reading like a noir picaresque thriller, Lonely Night to Die is a dark novel, a tragic novel, about a man who is not afraid to die. In fact, Sand welcomes death, after a fashion.

After all, we all eventually die. Perhaps his only regret is that he will die alone. And in spite of what he says, we get the idea he would rather not.

Lonely Night to Die is an exceptional read. The episodic nature of the story keeps the tale taut and dripping with suspense.

Mr Pirtle is a master storyteller. He gives us characters we care about. Roland Sand is not a nice man. And yet… And yet he is one we empathize with, for he isn’t all that different from ourselves when we come right down to it.

Sand is a tragic figure, and in a strange way a triumphant one as well.

I read books for the characters. After all, life isn’t about the story — it’s about the people in the story. The journey is just the journey. The people on the journey are what’s important.

Caleb Pirtle peoples our journey with the most intriguing individuals.

It’s why I read fiction.

To meet people I wouldn’t otherwise meet.

This is my first read of Mr Pirtle’s fiction. It won’t be my last. Very highly recommended.

Review by Jackie Taylor Zortman:

There is something about this particular novella about Roland Sand that stands alone for me as my favorite of the three stories in The Man on the Run Series.

First of all, the story begins in a place very familiar to me, Cincinnati, my old home town where I spent my first forty-two years.

But that’s not the entire reason.

I am also captivated by the writing style of Caleb Pirtle III and am fascinated with his ability to tell a story in a manner that keeps the reader engaged completely.

He is a master manipulator of words that are colorful and descriptive, often to the point of pushing the edge when things get really dicey.

No other writer could pull this off as well as he does.

I could not put this book down until I had read it in its entirety. I found it to be fascinating from beginning to end and that end was quite a surprise and totally unexpected.

I loved it. You will, too.

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