P.J. Mann: Our Indie Book Source Author of the Week

P.J. Mann doesn’t prefer a particular genre, and the best way to describe the novels she writes is, perhaps “fiction, drama.”

Paula J. Mann lives a double life. She is a geologist by day and a novelist by night. She’s best known for writing psychological thrillers and dramas, like ‘A Tale of a Rough Diamond.’

She also writes historical fiction, like the Amazon.co.uk best-selling Aquila et Noctua, and paranormal suspense.

P.J. was born in a small town in Italy in 1973. She graduated from the Art Institute of Perugia (Italy), and following her artistic background, she started to write novels.

None of those was meant to be published, until one day, encouraged by one of her best friends, she decided to share her stories with the rest of the world.

She doesn’t like a particular genre, and the best way to describe her production is, perhaps “fiction, drama.”

She likes to tell stories about what she observes around her. She loves travelling and photography, from which she gets her inspiration.

She loves traveling and shares her experiences on her blog: http://paperpenandinkwell.blogspot.com.

She loves traveling and shares her experiences on her blog: http://paperpenandinkwell.blogspot.com.

Connect with P.J. at https://pjmannauthor.com

The Year of the Mantis

A murdered executive. Key suspects with bulletproof alibis.

Can a headstrong investigator catch the killer before the trial disappears?

Rome, Italy. Detective Maurizio Scala has a strong debt of honor to the victims of brutal crimes. So when a well-liked man is found dead in his car, Scala becomes determined to deliver deserved justice. But with every suspicious person appearing to have proof of innocence, the driven sleuth fears he won’t be able to bring peace to the deceased.

As he uncovers the powerful family’s dark secrets, Scala’s investigation takes a shocking turn as his list of potential culprits suddenly widens. And with new information upending his search, he dreads the perpetrator will slip through his fingers and strike again.

Will Scala outsmart the elusive assassin before he vanishes in the night?

The Year of the Mantis is the first suspenseful book in an Inspector Scala Mystery series. If you like police procedurals, gritty heroes, and surprising twists, then you’ll love P. J. Mann’s thrilling whodunit.

Thou Shalt Never Tell

He’s a scientist looking to make his mark.

He never expected to discover spirits and magic.

Shy, awkward Kaine Martin yearns to put a shine on his professional reputation. So when he receives an email from a researcher who disappeared a decade ago searching for a lost African tribe, the young anthropologist jumps at the opportunity of a lifetime. But as the university agrees to organize an expedition, the introverted scholar is haunted by ghosts warning him not to undertake the treacherous journey.

Ignoring the ominous portents, Martin meets his legendary colleague at the edge of the African rainforest. But deep in the jungle lies a secret – one the ambitious professor can never reveal if he wants those around him to survive.

Will Martin pull off a career-making discovery, or is his campaign mortally cursed?

Thou Shalt Never Tell is a thrilling standalone paranormal suspense novel. If you like unconventional characters, tempting quests, and nail-biting danger, then you’ll love P. J. Mann’s absorbing tale.

The Man from The Mist

A neighborhood overrun by violence.

A shadowy vigilante killer.

Can a loner uncover the disturbing truth before he’s charged with murder?

Dave Stanford longs to be seen. Living in an area terrorized by crime, the introverted newspaper editor is disturbed by word of a mysterious avenger taking out ruthless mafiosos. But Stanford is horrified when he’s mistaken for the culprit, and he quickly climbs to the top of the deadly gangsters’ hit list.

Now wanted by the police, Stanford must set things straight before he ends up dead. But when his search reveals unsettling truths about his own past, Stanford fears he’ll expose his own forgotten secrets.

Can Stanford evade the assassins and cops long enough to prove his innocence?

The Man from the Mist is a thrilling standalone suspense crime novel. If you like well-crafted whodunits, tormented characters, and edgy noir mysteries, then you’ll love P. J. Mann’s unpredictable tale.

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