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HERE ARE THREE LITTLE STORIES that tell a tale of dreams.

  1. One morning I woke up and said this to myself;” Today is the day I am going to to go next door and tell our neighbor to stop letting his dog come into our carport and use it for a toilet.”

Good idea, except we didn’t have a carport nor was there a dog that lived next door.

  1. A Satellite Company had sent our information to a credit collection agency claiming that we had not returned their two receivers. This was in spite of the fact we had delivery proof, and had been assured that all was okay after calling at least five times (on that issue alone).

They claimed we had taken the card out of one of them so we owed the entire $150.00 for the receiver.

Having experienced these kinds of issues with them the entire time we had their service, my first reaction was anger at the injustice of the accusation, and the fact that I had to defend myself against something we had not done.

  1. It was just one more thing in our rental home that didn’t work right. Turning the knob for the heater in the living room didn’t make one bit of difference.

I turned it up, it didn’t get warmer, I turned it down, and it didn’t get cooler. For weeks I fiddled with it and then decided I would I have to call the landlord in the morning.

Beca Lewis
Beca Lewis

The next morning on the way to the phone to make the call, I walked past the knob and realized that for two weeks I had been fiddling with the wrong knob.

There were two heaters, and the heater the knob I had been turning was working just fine. Of course, when I found the correct knob for the other heater, it worked too.

What makes it even sillier is I had already worked the correct knobs for over a month. It’s just one day I forgot there were two.

What do these three stories have in common?  I was dreaming.

In the first story it is obvious it was just a dream. And as a dream it is equally obvious that the dreamer—me—and the dream, were one.

OK, you may be thinking, “But two of these stories weren’t dreams, they really happened.”

Yes they really did—but where did they happen?  They happened in the human dream.

And once again the dreamer and the dream were one.  It was my state of mind perception and my point of view perception that “created” them.

In the incident with the Satellite Company I was already caught up in a belief of injustice. Not just about the Satellite Company but “out there” in the world.

Aren’t we all daily bombarded with reports of poverty, mistreatment, wars, crimes, and man’s inhumanity to man?

This bombardment enforces the point of view perception that there is another power than Divine Love and it’s doing a great job of taking over.

In turn this builds a state of mind perception of fear, doubt, and outrage. These two modes of perception perpetuate each other, and we all know that we experience  what we believe, or perceive.

The story about the knobs illustrates what happens when we live in a state of mind and point of view perception that things don’t work as they should.”

When we only pay attention to what doesn’t work, we become blind to what does.

Did you notice one more thing these three stories have in common? In each one an outside force; a dog, a satellite company, a missing heater knob, made a mess in our life.

Seen symbolically,  the dream about the dog made it clear  to me that it was time to say to myself, “Stop allowing negative thoughts to invade my life.”

Playing in the dream of human mortal existence is sometimes pleasant. It’s when the dream turns “bad” that we start thinking that it just might be time to wake up.

Let’s all wake up from the human worldview without waiting for things to turn bad.

To do so we must start from the point of view and state of mind perception that there is only One Divine Power, not two. To experience the Truth of this statement, we must maintain this perception no matter how real the dream of a separate power appears to be.

Saying 2 plus 2 = 5 doesn’t make it real, even if everyone we know keeps telling us its true. But, it will always be true that 2 plus 2 = 4 even if no one but you seems to remember this fact.

A wrong statement, or perception, does not change the truth about Truth, and a correct perception does not create the Truth, it reveals it.

The Truth is there is just One power, and it is good.

It’s time to wake up and  live this Truth. It has to start somewhere, might as well be you and me.

Beca Lewis is the author of Say Yes to What Moves You.



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