One Small Step for Mankind: The New Look of Caleb and Linda Pirtle

Caleb Pirtle III and Linda Pirtle

For the past hundred or hundred and fifty years or so (not really, it just seems that way), we here at Caleb and Linda Pirtle have been working on a re-design of the site to make it more user friendly for our readers.  Today those labors become a reality.

Here are some of the changes and new features.

Blogs and serials are now separated into two fields. Until now all our blogs and serial chapters appeared together as blogs.  This meant that anyone who began reading a serial had to navigate through the blog archives to find prior chapters of the serial she was reading. Now a reader can move from a serial chapter to all the prior chapters with one click that takes her to the collected chapters of the work.

We have also added the serials Hall of Honor. When a serial is complete, it will revert to that location where the reader will see the book cover, buy links and a sample of the first chapter.  It is our hope that readers will reward serial authors by visiting the Hall of Honor to purchase a copy of their completed work.

Stephen Woodfin
Stephen Woodfin

The six most recent blogs will appear on the main blog page and other blogs will be available by clicking the previous blogs button. In other words, the blogs displayed on the main blog page will always be the most current blogs on the site, constantly re-populated as we post new blogs.

We have added a number of new titles of books by Caleb and Linda Pirtle authors. All the books are arranged by genre and link to the pages of the authors where the reader can come to know the authors a little better. You will  note that we have formalized the Boomer Lit genre by giving it its own place.  Kudos to Claude Nougat for her pioneering work to bring Boomer Lit front and center.

Advertisers can now purchase space on Caleb and Linda Pirtle. Throughout the development of the site, we have been ever  mindful of its classic look and feel. For this reason we have been slow to move into advertising sales because we wanted to wait until we had a design that would do justice to the advertisers while remaining true to the feel of Caleb and Linda Pirtle.  We also wanted to wait until the readership of the site had reached numbers that would make it attractive to advertisers.  Thanks to your loyalty, we have now reached and exceeded that threshold.

You will see only three spots for ads on the site: a banner ad at the top of the page, which now features my book Last One Chosen and two sidebars where Lana Lynne’s Sunbeams at Twilight and Caleb Pirtle’s How to Write, Publish and Market E-books reside.

There is an “advertise” button at the top and bottom of the page where anyone interesting in advertising on the site can obtain information and rates.  It also provides a simple, intuitive, series of menus for uploading ad content and other information necessary to place and process ads.

As part of the advertising program we are also offering advertisers the opportunity to use blogs that pertain to their product or services.

We hope that authors, publishers and other people or companies that provide ancillary services to the writing community will take advantage of the opportunity to advertise on Caleb and Linda Pirtle.

These are just a few of the features on the site.  We hope that you will take a minute to explore it.

I would be remiss not to tip my hat to the good folks at Shelton Interactive who have labored along with Linda and Caleb Pirtle  and me to bring the new design to fruition.

Finally, the evolution of Caleb and Linda Pirtle is dynamic.  Even as I write this, we are working on the launch of Caleb and Linda Pirtle Book Club, a part of the site that will offer hand-selected books at discounts to club members.

Please take a  minute to add your name to our mailing list, so we can let you know about coming attractions.

Stay tuned.  There is more fresh new content coming your way every day at VG.

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