Once Around the Writer’s Block with Jeff Russell

During those lulls between one brilliant novel and the next, Jeff Russell’s mind often does a walkabout, and his subconscious spits out poetry.

Jeff Russell is a fine poet and exceptional writer of literary fiction.

He has produced such fine novels as The Dream Shelf, The Girl Who Watched Over Dreams, The Perpetual Order of Old People, The Jaystone Inscription, and Continuity.

He’s thinking about working on a sequel to Continuity

It’s a book waiting to be written.

But Jeff is a thoughtful writer.

He’s not like some of us.

We just write down a sentence and see where it takes us.

Jeff carefully and methodically works out every twist and turn and plot point in his novels before he ever puts a word on paper.

It’s because he has something profound to say.

And for readers, his novels are always worth the wait.

As he told me about the sequel: “The good news is that I’ve already met Seth, the oldest of the ‘Children of Eden’ and the one who reluctantly accepts responsibility for leading the others out into the world in a future twenty years past where Continuity left off.

“The bad news is that it will probably take me another twenty years to figure out what comes next.”

I hope not.

But during those lulls between one brilliant novel and the next, Jeff’s mind often does a walkabout, and his subconscious spits out poetry.

This one he calls “Once Around the Writer’s Block.”

It’s for writers.

It’s for anyone who has ever faced that frightening moment when your imagination suddenly hits a brick wall and wonder if there is anything waiting on the other side.



Once Around the Writer’s Block

One day, in a moment sublime

I started devoting my time

To writing a poem about family and home,

But I couldn’t come up with a rhyme.


My lines were a little too dense,

My verse, a little too tense.

I dabbled in wit, and some of it fit,

But none of it made any sense.


I added and padded whatever it took

To give my creation the grandiose look

Of elegant prose, but all that arose

Were measures of rambling gobbledygook.


Week after week I continued the quest.

A daunting challenge! Who would have guessed?

But the going got rough, and enough was enough.

I reluctantly gave it a rest.


Inhibited by inspirational drought,

Poetic potential in serious doubt,

I swallowed my pride, looked deep inside,

And finally figured it out.


If crafting verse is an art,

Then ideas must flow from the heart,

Born of talent and fashion and patience and passion,

And clearly … I wasn’t that smart.


So now I’m allowing each day

To evolve in a lyrical way.

And my urge to create will just have to wait.

But … who needs a silly rhyme, anyway?

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