Ode to Bubba Watson and Indie Authors

Bubba Watson and his mom at the Masters
Bubba Watson and his mom at the Masters









Just in case you live on another planet and haven’t heard the news, a lanky, shaggy-headed southpaw from Baghdad, Florida, named Bubba Watson won the Masters golf tournament Easter Sunday.

Bubba is a free spirit, something long missing in the world of professional golf.  He’s never taken a golf lesson or studied his swing on video.  He once hit a drive 442 yards. He is also the proud owner of the General Lee, the original Dukes of Hazard hot rod.

Did I mention he once hit a drive 442 yards?

Bubba was matched with Louis Oosthuizen from South Africa in the  final round.  On the second hole Oosthuizen made one of only three double eagles in Masters history.  A double eagle is a score of three under par on a particular hole.  That means he made a 2 on a par 5.

They asked Bubba later what kept him playing well throughout the last round.

“When the guy you are matched with makes a double eagle on the second hole, you figure you might need to play pretty good to stay up with him.”

Letterman had Bubba on his show Tuesday night after Bubba’s win on Sunday. Dave likes to take a few jabs at his guests from time to time.

He never laid a glove on Bubba.

“I heard the last few years fifty percent of the players who won the Masters have been left-handed.  What do you make of that?” Letterman asked.

“Yeah, and fifty percent of them have been right-handed, too,” Bubba said as he grinned.

“I guess you are going to make a lot of  money now?” Letterman poked at him.

“I sure hope so,” Bubba said as he grinned.

“How would you describe your golf game?” Dave asked.

“Awesome,” Bubba said as he grinned.

Letterman grinned too. “Besides ‘awesome’ how would you describe it?”

“Every day is a new day on the golf course.  The weather changes, the wind blows from different directions.  I like to respond to the new conditions and be creative.  That’s what makes it fun,” Bubba said.

“I saw that Tiger Woods was throwing his clubs during the Masters.  Do you ever get mad and do stuff like that on the course?” Letterman asked.

“Yeah, but not on camera,” Bubba said as he grinned.

Bubba is a young man who cherishes family values.  He and his wife just adopted a six week old son.  When he talks about that, Bubba cries.  When he talks about the loss of his father last year, Bubba cries. When his mother and friends rushed out to hug him after he won the tournament in the second hole of sudden death, Bubba cried.

Oh, and by the way, on that last hole of the playoff, he hit his drive in the trees.  He then hit a wedge through an opening in the branches, hooked it ninety degrees and nestled it next to the pin.  No one had ever seen such a shot.


I’ve watched golf for a long time and been a fan of number of great players, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Tom Watson and Fred Couples to name a few. Now I am a die-hard Bubba fan.  I hope he has a great run on the golf course.  I know he will have a great run in life.

Bubba’s story somehow reminds me of this indie writing gig. It is a story of doing things a different way, not a way dictated by the would-be pundits who always have a criticism at hand, an explanation for why a person who doesn’t do things their way will surely fail. It is a story of success against the odds, of embracing creativity, of taking a chance when the chips are down, of remembering your friends and helping them when you can.

Go get ’em, Bubba.


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