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MARKETING TAKES TIME, but most businesses fail without a solid and focused commitment to a variety of marketing activities. After all, it is through marketing that customers become aware of, consider, and purchase products and services. This is equally true for writers looking to sell more books.

As a published author, I have learned the value of self-marketing and self-promotion. I know that making a living requires communicating why someone should interact with me and buy my books. I understand the art in presenting my storyline or message in a way that interests readers. I also know that marketing doesn’t have to be a hard sell to be incredibly successful.

Kristen Clark
Kristen Clark

Below are nine marketing activities designed to help you grow your platform, increase your customer base, and sell more books.

Post daily updates on your social media networks: include book quotes and daily updates about your latest project, blog post, book release, character or plot developments, or book tour.

Capture email addresses and build a list for email marketing efforts: offer a free online newsletter or digital chapter of an upcoming book for your readers to register for.

Create a compelling website for readers to find information about you and your books: include your bio, the inspiration for your books, your writing experiences, information about your book characters, collaborative projects, and book signings.

Use the power of audio and video to keep people on your website longer and convert browsers to buyers: include podcasts, videos, and audio files of you discussing your upcoming book, next book tour, latest research on your topic, or questions from blog readers.

Drive traffic to your website with frequent and compelling blog posts: include posts about your characters, book scenes, plot development, character interviews, collaborative efforts, and book reviews.

Create excitement with pictures on your website and Pinterest page: include pictures of your book cover and book characters, and of you writing, signing books, holding copies of your books, and interacting with readers at live events, and include your website link with each picture uploaded.

Create a media kit for media outlets to use, like newspapers and magazines: include your bio, contact information, press releases, resume, publications, book reviews, and your picture.

Leverage media outlets to promote your book: give interviews about your book for broadcasting on television or radio, or showing online.

Create press releases each time you have something newsworthy to tell your readers: include information about your new book, upcoming book tours, special bonus offers, and book reviews and include your website link in each write-up.

Marketing takes time, but it’s a required activity for long term success. This is the vehicle through which readers will find you and potentially buy your book. Make sure to incorporate these activities into your larger business plan. If needed, hire a virtual assistant or marketing expert to help you. Make the investment and get started on your own marketing efforts today. You’ll be glad you did.

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