My New Book: Everything I Suspect about Writing

I believe the most damning two words in writing is The End. It means I have to begin all over again.

I’ve been around a long time.

Wrote a lot of stories.

Wrote a lot of books.

Made a lot of mistakes.

Learned from some.

Still make more than my share.

From the time my mama read me the first story I ever heard, I have been in love with words.

They take me anyplace I want to go.

Sometimes they bring me back.

Sometimes I linger for a while in a world that only exists in the far reaches of my imagination.

I don’t reside there.

But I go beyond the front door daily.

My characters are waiting, even the ones I killed off.

They don’t mind.

They know I’ll change their names and use them again.

So they wait and harbor no hard feelings.

As most of you know, I grew up in a world of storytellers and have spent a lifetime writing stories. I’ve poured words into newspapers, magazines, made-for-television movies, documentaries, motion pictures, and books, both fiction and nonfiction.

If it weren’t for words, I’d have no life at all.

My wife believes – because of words – I have no life at all.

And that’s the reason I wrote my newest book.

Writers and readers both like to know what goes on in the mind of a storyteller.

And since I write mostly mysteries and thrillers, I titled the book Whodunit: The Adverb Looks Guilty. It is everything I suspect about writing, including my own observations about the trials and triumphs of the writing life.

The book is, in reality, a memoir, a writing primer filled with tips, advice, thoughts, and information passed on by my Muse, and my characters, as well as ideas stolen from the masters of literature.

You can read along and share my frustrations, disappointments, and those wonderful moments when the words are snatched out of the air where they have been waiting all along, and the right noun, for a change, is slammed hard against the right verb, and I can sleep that night knowing all is right with the world.

I believe the most damning two words in writing is The End.

It means I have to begin all over again and once again plow the fields of my memories for stories that my mama said would be better off untold.

Please click HERE to find Whodunit? The Adverb Looks Guilty on Amazon.

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